Levinger-Regens Launches a Range of Price Indices for the Metals Market

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Levinger-Regens.com continues to bring transparency to the metals market by revealing a set of price indices

Seoul, South Korea Jan 20, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – Levinger Regens, an established financial advisory and strategic consultancy services provider with deep market knowledge, a dynamic network of information, and derivatives solutions, today announced the launch of its price indices for a series of products in the metals market, pointing out the continuous changing of the market and the new direction for price discovery in the sector. Price fluctuations have been a challenge for a long time in the case of certain metals despite the tendencies of some entities to perform price-reporting.

Levinger Regens has started to publish price indices for a list of metals, including ferroalloys. The indices presented are a form of movement towards the price data platform and are expected to be updated along the line depending on the market conditions. The volume-weighted price data will be accessible to the members of the platform according to a segment of the fees charged using indices in terms of contracts.

The indices presented by Levinger Regens are fundamental for the metals market and certain ferroalloys since they are the result of real negotiations and transaction data in addition to generally reported trades and bid/offer notifications. The advantages that the indices are revealing in the market depend on the strong trading liquidity that Levinger Regens’ platform has already created. Both suppliers and buyers will be able to make use of accurate indices when negotiating contracts and other market participants will have access to up-to-date price information.

“It is well-known that market participants are performing in-depth analysis within the decision-making process. The indices presented by our experts in the metals sector will help buyers and suppliers improve their decision-making as they will access prices data without being concerned about manual data collection. The launch of the price indices is the result of our efforts to change the industry for the better”, said Rie Eun-kyung, Global Head of Commodities.

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Levinger-Regens.com is an established financial advisory and strategic consultancy services provider with deep market knowledge, a dynamic network of information, and derivatives solutions. Levinger Regens specializes in commodity, futures and options trading with an extensive reach throughout the Asia-Pacific region and offers its clientele a hoard of beneficial market solutions. The company’s services include commodity and futures trading, wealth and financial planning, brokerage and investment advisory and more. The company works alongside traders, investors, farmers, producers, manufacturers, retailers, governments, and other organizations to fulfill a common purpose – to service the world in a safe, responsible, and sustainable way.

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