Lease Expert Offering Free 2023 Cell Tower Lease Rate Review

Each new year brings with it the opportunity for landowners around the country to review their cell tower leases. One industry expert is offering a free 2023 cell tower lease review for all landowners, allowing them to see if they are getting a fair rate. With the new year emerging, many people will be in a position to have their contracts renewed, re-negotiated, and may even be offered a buyout. To ensure they are getting the best deal possible, they should have the terms reviewed by an expert.

“Maybe you didn’t get the best deal last year, or you don’t even know if your rate is fair,” explains David Espinosa, president of “Don’t worry about that. Just focus on going forward. I can help you get a better contract because I understand the industry and how to negotiate a fair contract.”

It’s estimated that over 400,000 cell sites are in the country, and many of them will be eligible for contract renewals in 2023. With the rollout of 5G cell towers, many new contracts will also be offered. Landowners must keep in mind that cell phone companies have their best interests in mind when negotiating an agreement or buyout with a landowner. With someone knowledgeable reviewing the terms, there’s a way to ensure the landowner gets a fair deal.

For over 15 years, Espinosa has provided evaluation of cell tower lease rates to landowners, ensuring that the terms they offer are fair. He offers a free 30-minute telephone consultation to discuss the contract terms and help landowners determine the rate they should receive. To determine the rate, he uses several factors, including property values, area bylaws, etc.

“Whether you are up for a contract renewal or will be considering a new one, have it reviewed before signing anything,” added Espinosa. “It’s the only way to ensure you are not leaving money on the table. It would help if you had someone in your corner, helping you get the best terms. I can help you every step of the way.”

Espinosa has worked with those leased with Verizon, ATT, TowerPoint Capital, Crown Castle, and others. works with landowners and governments to help with lease contract negotiations. As a leader in the field, countless people have used his services to ensure better contracts. To schedule a free 30-minute cell tower lease consultation, call 404-644-6446, or visit the site at:

About, based in Atlanta, provides lease consultation and negotiation services for the whole country. Their services include providing lease analysis to determine if the landowner is being offered a fair deal, providing crucial consulting guidance, and helping to negotiate leases on behalf of landowners. They offer a free initial telephone consultation to determine if working together is a good fit. To learn more about the company or schedule a free consultation, visit their site at

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