Learn Data Analytics Announces New Microsoft Excel-Google Sheets Course

LDA (Learn Data Analytics), a leading online education provider, announced the launch of its newest course: Microsoft Excel / Google Sheets Course. The beginner-friendly comprehensive course covers both conceptual and hands-on learning, with weekday, evening, and weekend class times available.

Designed by industry experts, the course covers data gathering, data analysis (exploratory data analysis), and data visualization using MS Excel, the most widely used tool across all industries. Led by experienced instructors, the live and online classroom sessions provide students with the most relevant conceptual and hands-on learning experience.

The course consists of three modules, each covering a different aspect of data analytics and visualization. In Module 1, students will learn about the foundational concepts required to work with data, including the different types of data analytics, commonly used terms, descriptive analytics, diagnostic analytics, data analytics techniques, exploratory data analysis, and understanding data quality.

Module 2 focuses on data analysis and insights. Students will learn how to make sense of data using the complete data analysis process, from raw data to a dashboard that tells an accurate, effective, and compelling data story. The module covers data sourcing and gathering, data cleaning, exploratory data analysis, problem-solving, creating dashboards using MS Excel, advanced Excel features like V-Lookups and If Statements, pivot tables, data validation, and data normalization.

Module 3 covers visualizing and communicating data insights. Students will learn how to go from raw data to insightful data visualizations for effective communication. The module covers creating different data visualizations, dashboards, presentation skills, and data communication.

The new course on Microsoft Excel/Google Sheets is an excellent opportunity for individuals to develop their analytical skills and advance their careers. By learning how to use Excel’s advanced functions and formulas, learners will be able to perform complex calculations and analyze data in a variety of ways, making more informed decisions based on the data in front of them.

“Excel is a powerful tool for data analysis because of its ability to organize, manipulate, and analyze large amounts of data,” said LDA spokesperson. “In today’s data-driven world, having a strong understanding of Microsoft Excel is essential for any professional looking to advance their career. Our Microsoft Excel / Google Sheets Course will help students develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in a variety of industries.”

The course is priced at $849 CAD, and multiple sessions will be offered throughout the year, allowing students to pick a session that works for their schedule.

About Learn Data Analytics (LDA)

Learn Data Analytics is a leading online education provider dedicated to providing high-quality courses to help individuals advance their careers. With a focus on practical skills and hands-on learning, Learn Data Analytics courses are designed by industry experts and taught by experienced instructors.

For more information about the Microsoft Excel / Google Sheets Course or for enrolment, please visit https://learndataanalytics.ca/microsoft-excel-course or https://learndataanalytics.ca

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