Leading SEO Agency Demystifies Technical SEO in Latest Post

Leading SEO agency, Geeky Tech, has explained the finer points of technical SEO in its latest post.

In the post, Geeky Tech explains that technical issues in a website’s search engine optimisation can affect its ranking. That, in turn, will affect the volume of traffic it receives.

Comparing a website to a building, the agency explains that both an engineer and architect play an important role in the planning, construction, and design of a house. Whilst a visually pleasing design is essential for a website’s success, it is equally important to invest in its technical foundation.

One of the major reasons why technical SEO (or the lack thereof) could lead to a poorly ranking page is issues in crawling and indexing, asserts the agency.

Crawling is the term used to describe the process when search engine robots analyse the site to determine how it should be ranked. One of the tasks of a technical SEO expert, according to the company, is to ensure that the website is indexed correctly and is ‘crawlable’.

Geeky Tech goes on to list the various tasks that go into optimising a website. The company explains that the first step is to perform a site audit. This process can help identify any problems that a website may have.

Once the problems have been identified, the next step is to optimise the website’s pages. This can include restructuring the content and optimising the keyword placement, says the agency.

How quickly a web page loads can affect the traffic as well, as the audience does not want to wait more than four seconds for a page to render.

The company explains audiences may also leave a website if it does not load properly on a mobile device. Both these issues are considered and resolved when looking at the technical SEO.

Another factor that affects a website’s technical SEO and performance is the site architecture. That includes the URL and markup structure, which might require reorganising the pages based on logical priority, asserts Geeky Tech.

If everything else is fine but the ranking is still not as high as it should be, the agency says it might have to do with a new website and migration. When a company gets a new website, the redirects must be implemented properly.

Under this process, the agency also looks at scanning for backlinks and ranking URLs, so that the move to the new website is as trouble-free as possible, claims the company.

There are several other factors that are involved in the technical SEO of a website, the agency says, and that requires the use of webmaster tools to optimise a site well.

Finally, the agency says, technical SEO requires constant monitoring, maintenance, and ongoing optimisation. That ensures that the website continues to run as smoothly as possible.

As part of this process, delivering monthly SEO reports helps demonstrate how well the strategy is working.

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