Leading Consultant Offers Free Consultation Regarding Cell Tower Leases

As 2022 kicked off, Verizon announced that they were making 5G cell services available to 100 million people around the country. Their 5G towers are being placed in over 1,700 cities, providing cell phone users with speeds that are 10 times faster. One of the top consultants in the field is urging landowners to get a second opinion when it is time to negotiate tower lease rates and terms.

“There is a lot of growth in the industry right now,” explains David Espinosa, president of TowerLeases.com. “Landowners must negotiate cell tower lease rates that will maximize their revenues.”

Cell companies work to get the best deals and rates for themselves. This leaves landowners without the experience to negotiate cell tower lease contracts all on their own. That’s where Espinosa comes in, who has helped countless landowners get the highest cell tower lease rates for over 14 years.

He knows the going cell tower lease rates and helps negotiate better rates and lease terms. His services have helped many people with their initial cell tower lease negotiation, as well as assisting them with successful buyouts, and lease renewals. He works with commercial and residential landowners, helping them get the most money for their cell tower leases.

Considering such things as property values and local ordinances, Espinosa ensures landowners are not being taken advantage of. With the number of 5G leases exploding, many people need to their cell tower leases evaluated. He is currently offering a free 30-minue consultation to discuss cell tower lease rates, and can help negotiate tower leases that will benefit the landowner.

“Please avoid signing any cell tower leases until you have it evaluated,” added Espinosa. “I’ve seen far too many cell companies taking advantage of landowners. It’s best to at least see if you can do better.”

In addition to providing consultation for Verizon cell tower leases, Espinosa also specializes in cell tower leases for Crown Castle, ATT, and others. He helps public and private landowners, as well as government bodies. To have a free 30-minute cell tower lease consultation, call 404-644-6446, or visit the website at TowerLeases.com.

About TowerLeases.com

Located in the Atlanta area, TowerLeases.com serves the entire country with cell tower lease consultation and negotiation services. Their mission is to help protect those leasing their land for cellphone towers. They offer a free consultation to see if their services would be a good fit for those already leasing their land for a cell tower and those considering doing so. Their services are available in Brazil, and have now expanded to South America. For more information on the company, visit their site at www.TowerLeases.com. For a free 30-minute consultation regarding cellphone tower leasing, call 404-644-6446.

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