Leading boat rental company, Click&Boat sees a big spike in post-Covid bookings

Paris, France — Click&Boat began with an observation. Millions of boats in Europe are used for only a few days of the year. With the annual expenses that come with owning these boats, this just doesn’t make sense. The co-founders took this notion and created Click&Boat, a platform built on trust and allowing boat owners to make money from renting out their boats when they aren’t using them. They are now one of the leading yacht rental companies in the world.

Paris, France – Click&Boat have seen a massive increase in bookings in 2022 for European & worldwide destinations, compared to 2021. The company has registered its highest month of May ever in 2022, with a 72% increase in bookings versus the previous year.

Motorboats were the most attractive boat type from these bookings and increased 47%, still versus May 2021. Week by week they are experiencing an increase in their bookings, shown by an 87% increase in week 22 in 2022, compared to week 22 in 2021.

The most popular destinations this Summer for European renters outside France, according to Click&Boat, are Spain, Italy, Croatia, Greece, France, Netherlands and Portugal, The most popular region for boating this Summer among European renters is the Balearics, followed by Campania, Côte d’Azur, Sardinia, the Split region and Catalonia.

Post-Covid Travel Trends

Post-covid travelers are mostly focused on travel for health and well-being reasons, boating being the ideal breakaway holiday to recharge. Being out on the water forces one to slow down, and destimulate. The continued increase in booking numbers is a welcome sign that things are slowly getting back to normal.

With services like Click&Boat, boating is now more accessible for those without boating experience. Simple managed online booking systems and lower rates are bringing in the younger luxury-seeking generations who are looking to explore multiple destinations and families looking for all-inclusive holiday options.

“We had an amazing day out on Simone’s boat! We had booked thinking he could take us to view Cinque Terre not realizing that private boats were no longer allowed within 3 miles of that coastline. Simone motored us all through the bay of poets and out into the Mediterranean past Porto Venere and back into the calmer waters of the bay. He gave us a wonderful day stopping twice for swimming and relaxing. We had Simone provide us lunch and drinks which was perfect! We were a party of 6, two adults and four teenage girls who considered it their most favorite day of our trip. We hope to get the opportunity to do it again!”

About Click&Boat:

As the global leader in peer-to-peer boat rentals, Click&Boat allows boat owners to rent out their sailboats or yachts to help cover their maintenance costs and insurance expenses. It gives travelers the opportunity to rent yachts, catamarans, sailboats, and more, in some of the most beautiful locations in the world. Over 400,000 users in more than 60 countries come to Click&Boat for their boat rental needs. Boats can be rented with or without a crew allowing anyone the opportunity to have a sailing experience.

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