Lazaris the Top Don plans to drop his future hit album The Life of a Don near February 2022

Making his way into the new era of music is Lazaro Martinez. Remember Cuban link? It so happened one night that Lazaris was holding a Ceremony as the MC. Now, we’re talking about 1999, the age that gave us music legends. When he met Cuban Link, he referred to him as the new fresh air in the music industry. Those exact words! We bet it was one of the best moments of his life, to be brought into the music industry with such enthusiasm and assurance. Millions of people dream to be a part of the music industry but cannot make it far because of one reason or another, in the midst of all this, Lazaris has to be one of the most renowned music artists who has his priorities right. It started to boil up and down into him when Cuban link from terror squad gave him the thumbs up! He was more than honored to get to know him and have his blessings, keeping him motivated for the future.

Coming back to the basics, Lazaro Martinez goes by the stage name of Lazaris the Top Don. He comes from the Royal family bloodline of Dons, who are greatly considered to be a part of the Musical Dynasty. This Master of Ceremony from South Bronx, the Hunts Point is an original and dedicated Puerto Rican & Cuban artist. Besides being the nephew of the legendary Arsenio Rodriguez, he has made a name by being the best version of himself.

Lazaris the Top Don has recently planned to release his upcoming album “The Life of a Don” near February 2022. He believes that this album of him is going to break all the records as it is one of the Top Don’s masterpieces and super collective series of his whole career. According to the industry updates, many reputed record labels have asked Lazaris to launch this album through their platforms. All of his past albums including “Svcess in my path vol1” obviously rose into popularity quickly by topping a number of charts with his music. Music is such a great thing, it can reach out to so many people at a time. Lazaris is glad that he could deliver such music.

He still continues to work on 7 new visuals, but worry not there are more singles coming out pretty soon. Before you get to worried about new music, he will be out with another set for you to vibe. He manages his independent music projects pretty well, however, he has actively been participating in two different ones that he is co-producing with new artists who are yet to be revealed.