Las Vegas Personalized Poetry Party Favors For Luxury Events: Service Update

Haikuists, a typewriter poetry party favors private events vendor now offers personalized, on-demand typewriter poetry service that can be adjusted to any event, big or small in the greater Las Vegas area. Haikuists only need a small space to set up their table and typewriters, and guests can drop by at any point during the party to get their haikus done.

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With its latest service update, Haikuists seeks to add a personal touch to high-end, luxury events. The collective of acclaimed poets provides unique party favors to guests that are more memorable than standard gifts such as a mini bottle of champagne in a fancy paper bag.

Haiku is a traditional form of Japanese poetry. Haikuists explain that its beauty and uniqueness come from the fact that it only has three lines, and that they need to follow a particular pattern of syllables. The first and third lines can only have five syllables, while the second line must have seven.

Traditionally, haikus need to use certain words to indicate emotion and seasonality. This type of poetry is associated with nature, so it was required for writers to use a keyword that would hint at the season it was written for – frogs and lotus for summer, for example. However, as haikus were adapted to Western literature, poets like the ones at Haikuists write the poems in free verse and only maintain the haiku’s basic 5-7-5 syllable rule.

During the event, Haikuists will write the poems in under two minutes, based on whatever topic the guests choose. They can be serious or profound, or they can be comedic. The collective believes that whatever topic they are given, the whole experience creates a bond among the guests that is rare in today’s screen-obsessed world.

The experience and the haikus make the event more memorable. Guests have reported keeping their haikus from years ago, and many of them even got their poems tattooed. Each haiku is printed on card stock, with the client’s logo on the back, so the guests will remember the event for years to come.

“We were thrilled to have the Haikuists and the event was a success. We will definitely be in touch for future events,” a satisfied customer said.

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