Las Vegas Cloud Computing For Businesses | 2023 Guide Launched

The new guide is in line with the mission of Intelligent Technical Solutions (ITS), which is to help US companies maximize technology to improve efficiency. The guide covers all the necessary information on cloud computing to help small- and large-scale business owners with no prior cloud knowledge.

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The global market for cloud computing is expected to reach $1,738.44 billion by 2030, reflecting the pandemic’s acceleration of the shift to digital business models. With the newly launched guide, US business owners can adopt cloud-based technologies to increase flexibility, achieve business agility, and boost security.

The updated guide provides information on the various ways cloud computing can help businesses improve operations, increase savings, and maximize resources.

In the guide, ITS explains different cloud deployment models, including public, private, community, hybrid, and others. It highlights the distinctions between each model, allowing business owners to decide on the most suitable option for their company depending on its needs.

Even though most companies have turned to the cloud to cut expenses, ITS notes that there are potential costs incurred from using cloud-based solutions. The new guide discusses key components that can affect the cost of cloud storage, so business owners stay within their budget. By determining the total amount of data to be stored and how often it will be accessed, businesses can optimize cloud storage costs.

About Intelligent Technical Solutions (ITS)

Intelligent Technical Solutions is a Las Vegas, Nevada-based managed security service provider (MSSP) with a reach extending but not limited to Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, Phoenix, and San Francisco. With a team of IT service engineers and support specialists, the company offers managed IT services, as well as enterprise-level VoIP, data analytics, and federal-grade cybersecurity.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Most businesses have turned to the cloud as an alternative to on-premise storage hardware and to slash costs. Whatever your reason for moving your business to the cloud, it is important to consider your current business requirements and where your future is headed as a company.”

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