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The recent period has seen a notable increase in real estate project activity by the biggest developers in the city of Ain Sukhna as a result of the increasing interest of the government in developing this city and making the person willing to invest in a of the villages Here is El Galala City . Of Ain Sukhna to confuse you in choosing the best and most suitable project so that you know to whom we provide all the details you need to invest in the villages of Ain Sukhna.

Ain Sukhna Map

Through the map of Ain Sokhna, the most important details and the most beautiful of this wonderful and distinctive tourist complex are it is located in the Gulf of Suez in the Red Sea, and continues to the Suez Governorate, to spend the most beautiful moments within the city of Ain Sukhna.

The trip to the city of Ain Sukhna is considered a unique and unique experience, as this tourist destination has all the advantages that an individual wants, and the most important of those advantages is the proximity of Ain Sukhna to Cairo.

It takes less than an hour and a half to get there; therefore, it is one of the top destinations for day trips, but still fun, impressive, and unique for multi-day trips.

The most important thing that distinguishes Ain Sukhna city from other cities.

The city of Ain Sukhna certainly distinguishes itself from the rest of the cities, which is represented by the mild climate, the warm sun, the mountain ranges, the pure turquoise waters of the Red Sea and the sulfur eyes.

Everything is present in Ain Sukhna, which can be abbreviated as “sea, mountain and medicine.” In addition to medical tourism, you will find interesting recreational activities.

  1. The wonderful climate of Ain Sukhna throughout the year, which allowed Ain Sukhna attendees to enjoy water, sports in summer and winter. In addition to practicing numerous recreational facilities.
    Like those of the Porto Sokhna Ameer Group complex, which are represented in marinas, health clubs, restaurants, cinemas and shopping centers.
  2. Enjoyable cruising, fishing, diving or enjoying a warm sunbath. You can also travel by cable car and enjoy a breathtaking view from the top of the sea and the mountains.
  3. Archaeological and historical sites in Ain Sukhna, including an archaeological treasure in the Galala region. It is more than 4 thousand years old and consists of statues, a mine and a copper smelter.
  4. Tell al-Jalalah al-Bahri, which some historians believe is the northern part of it, is the point from which Moses crossed. In addition, the children of Israel in their exodus from Egypt to the Sinai Peninsula.
  5. A variety of rare plants and wild animals, as well as many tourists practice the hobby of watching flocks of migratory birds.

Ain Sokhna Beaches

The beaches of Ain Sukhna They are characterized by a variety of plains and plains, and are covered by beautiful soft white sand, as well as the presence of some rocky plateaus. That borders some of its beaches, and that enjoys the view of the rare and distinctive geological nature.

The beaches of Ain Sukhna stretch for about 100 km, on the Red Sea coast, and a large number of hotels have been established on them. Where the number of hotels is about 50 hotels.

They guarantee you a high quality and pleasant stay in Ain Sokhna, especially as it is one of the most important destinations for day tourism. On the other hand, Day use for its proximity to Cairo and major cities.

Speaking of the prices of Ain Sokhna beaches, you will find that the entry price starts from 50 pounds per person and goes up to 250 pounds. The hotel’s private beaches include hammocks, chairs, lunch, and drinks.