Kristy Woodson Harvey ‘Summer Of Songbirds Book’ Tour: Touring Dates Announced

Celebrating the upcoming release of her latest novel, ‘Summer of Songbirds’, Kristy Woodson Harvey is touring the country to meet her fans. New dates are being announced on a rolling basis, with this latest batch relaying her schedule for the East Coast portion of the tour.

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The new dates in this ongoing tour will see Harvey visiting a number of locations in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Jersey, and New York as she makes her way through the New England area. Following this leg of the tour, she will make her way to North and South Carolina, approaching the area that inspired many of her novels in the first place.

‘Summer of Songbirds’, her upcoming release in the Southern fiction genre, has been described as an emotional and heartwarming tale on par with Harvey’s most well-known works. Like many of the narratives she explores in her novels, the story describes a journey towards hope in the wake of tragedy, maintaining a uniquely tense undertone throughout.

According to the summary on Harvey’s website, the book will feature a new cast of characters: longtime friends, estranged for years and reunited under desperate emotional circumstances. The narrative balances intrigue with a general warmth that pervades Harvey’s body of work and the Southern fiction genre at large.

One advance reviewer stated, “Harvey reminds us that sisterhood can take many forms…With a strong dose of nostalgia and multiple narrations from Daphne, Lanier, and June, the book will appeal to Mary Kay Andrews and Katherine Center fans, who will revel in the support the women demonstrate for one another.”

This release will mark Harvey’s tenth major novel and continues the legacy left by her seminal Peachtree Bluff series, a saga which is also coming to the screen soon, now in production with NBC. Her works have been lauded by The New York Times, Booklist, People Magazine, and a range of other outlets as constituting the next great contribution to the Southern fiction and women’s fiction genres.

‘Summer of Songbirds’ is available for pre-order now on most major platforms, and will officially launch on July 11, 2023. In the meantime, Kristy Woodson Harvey continues her tour, during which advance readings of the novel and signed copies of her most recent release, the celebrated novel ‘The Wedding Veil’, will be available.

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