KRebels NFT Gets Endorsed By Big Celebs Like Ronaldinho, Jason Derulo & Many More

Amid the growing market of NFTs, KRebels has made a strong entry. The avant-garde NFT project has a mission to save koalas from extinction and for the same it has got the support of many big celebs already.

Within a short span of being introduced, Krebels is being endorsed by Ronaldinho, Jason Derulo, Rich the Kid, Victoria’s Secret angel Daniela Braga and Sports Illustrated star Brooks Nader. Almost all of them are the owners of KRebels NFT and have joined their warm family-like community.

KRebels project focuses on the intersection of cutting-edge technology, art, and saving the endangered koalas. The in-house artist has created 9,999 different koala inspired artworks that are being turned into distinctive NFTs. They have partnered with the IFAW charity organization and are donating 50K$ and 5% of their sales. 

But the purpose of KRebels is not limited to charity as the team has ambitious plans for the Metaverse invasion too. KRebels are working to produce their Youtube show and working on the game experience for their NFT holders. The members of KRebels will also be able to gain access to the most luxurious koala-ty life which includes music events, fashion shows, charity galas and much more. This is the reason the pre-sale of KRebels was sold out in minutes but you still can mint to be a part of that exclusive long-term project.

KRebels has a well-defined roadmap that is available to anyone who is interested. The roadmap of KRebels is defined in six steps which are Community, Charity, New World, Metaverse Ready, Airdrop and Long Life. 

Talking about the idea of starting KRebels, The founder was devastated by the tragic bushfire event in Australia in 2020. He was on a business trip in South Australia at that time and tried to participate in rescue missions, but soon realized that the efforts of one untrained man are simply not enough. And just like that, two years later the Krebels was born. The KRebels team now plans to incentivize more engagement in their community, ultimately raising more awareness and funds to help save the koalas and their habitat.