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Kodezi: Coding made easy

An innovative online program to provide students with a developmental study environment

The stone of time has sharpened our educational system to be cutthroat—a game where only the fittest survive. Where education and enlightenment used to go hand in hand, today, it’s education and cramming; or the art of mindless studying. As a result, our learning experiences and values have degenerated over time.

Instead of striving to learn and change, students have now confined their abilities to memorize their course text and scribble it out as it is on examination sheets. As a result, our merits of judging students and their skills are flawed in essence and subsequently in implementation. So naturally, a bright mind revolts against such a structure; this is the story of 17-year-old Ishraq Khan, the driving force behind Kodezi and giving students hope for a better future. 

What is Kodezi?

Kodezi strives to achieve excellence. Ever since the pandemic started, our already weak educational framework has crumbled yet more. Students everywhere face trouble with their studies. So Kodezi was created to serve them. At Kodezi, learning has to be fun, and not just easy! Behind the scenes, Kodezi is a team of  brilliant individuals with at the hull. The website officially relaunches this August 20th. 

Services of Kodezi

Kodezi is a peer-to-peer learning program. Analogical to say: a teacher explains a specific concept to two students. Student A understands, but student B does not. Later, student B approaches student A with questions to learn better than the original teacher. Virtualize this concept, and you have the core concept of Kodezi. Hence, it exists to create a more accessible medium between the students with concern to a student willing to help other students via tutorials uploaded on the site.

Kodezi is simply a bridge to help students communicate and develop a healthy study relation. Moreover, students can now ask questions directly on the site and get personalized answers straight from experts. The idea itself is not brand new or even out to the public. However, it is an improvised concept based on Stack Overflow; since students can debug queries with immediate response instead of waiting days for a reply. Not only is this the greatest new feature soon to be implemented but they have created a brand new alternative to open source learning, where users are able to upload their code to share to the rest of Kodezi’s userbase whilst having access to their open source directory. Anyone can paste their existing code, and get recommendations and input via the site on what to code to include next completely operated from their open source directory feature. 

What Do They Do?

Kodezi is a student-to-student learning platform that encourages students to share their diverse skills with other students and vice versa. It is not just to promote learning but also to provision a healthy study environment. They believe it is the right of every student to nurture in a supportive environment, far away from constantly hounding the fickle concept of success. 

Since their goal is to support students, they introduced the brilliant concept of rewards in their program. This allows hard working pupils to earn points by uploading tutorials and watching already uploaded video lectures. Moreover, this also allows the company to grow and branch out. 

How Is It Done?

Kodezi is a wholly funded program. All the investments made go towards benefiting the site and user base. Users are allowed to exchange their point rewards for cash value. This way, they employ more than one method to prompt students to study. The employees at Kodezi work collaboratively to ensure the smooth functioning of the site. The company holds regular virtual meetings to discuss current progress and new ventures. As a result, everyone on board is always aware of their values and the challenges faced.  

History Of Kodezi

The drive to this project was not merely an unprompted idea being realized. Formerly known as TeachMeCode, it is a team of like-minded individuals who have come together to take matters into their own hands. TeachMeCode was an initiative taken to help the new generation learn to code. When Ishraq noticed an influx of demand for learning coding and programming among the international masses when he was just 15. Most of the lectures available were either on paid platforms or too misleading for students to learn. This prompted him to create TeachMeCode during the summer after freshmen year at Seminole High School. He presented the prototype to his class which was then lauded by all. 

Therefore, Ishraq leaped and decided to open his innovation to all. Almost immediately, the website gained thousands of active users with hundreds of hours of videos watched. However, this exponential growth did not come with its expenses. As data began to pile up and the servers started to fail, Ishraq was presented with two options. So, he decided to part with the program to focus on school.

Two years later, Ishraq is back with an entirely revamped idea to be of service again.

What Do They Value?

Kodezi is here to revolutionize education for the better. Together their team adheres to a set of principles. These values are what drives them forward:

  1. They believe that gaining excellence is more important than simply succeeding.
  2. Students should not feel forced to study. Instead, learning must be made fun and engaging.
  3. They wish to influence a greater tomorrow and to realize this they must come together.
  4. Students should learn to support each other in their endeavors.
  5. They want to make their beliefs a practiced norm. 

Their Goals

Once the site is successfully launched, the Kodezi team wishes to convince more and more students to learn more healthily. They consider it their foremost duty. According to a spokesperson since their latest announcement, they have gained almost ten thousand new followers across all platforms. At this rate, they hope to replicate their earlier success from 2019-20.

Kodezi aims to reach a wider audience, maybe even as big as their contemporaries: CourseHero Chegg Inc.$82.99 or Khan Academy.