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New Delhi, Delhi Feb 13, 2023 ( – If you don’t like to miss out on trending topics and hot gossip that are subjects that everyone is talking about, then it must be frustrating because you will not be able to find all that in one place. This is where the Trendingbot comes in because the website is a safe place where you will get all of your trending topics, especially those which are constantly in discussion locally and globally. The website includes all the popular topics that are trending on Google and Twitter so the readers will be able to get all the dosage of entertainment in one place.

Trendingbot keeps track of not only the trending topics that everyone is talking about every day but also the latest hashtags on Google and Twitter throughout the day, both locally and globally. The trends on Twitter and Google offer pretty insightful and seizing emotions and thoughts at any given point of the day. However, these trends are always changing so it is hard, even if you scroll through those apps and websites. This is why, Trendingbot is the ideal platform for entertainment-thirsty people as it has every single trending topic of the day, that not just Indians but the world is talking about. Get your daily dosage form:

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