Khaled Bowarshi, M.D. | Depression Psychiatrist Offers TMS Therapy to Patients Struggling with Depression in Wesley Chapel, FL

Wesley Chapel, FL: The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) estimates that more than 8% of all adults in the US experience at least one major depressive episode in a year. While antidepressants help relieve symptoms, they may not work for everybody. Fortunately, Khaled Bowarshi, M.D. | Depression Psychiatrist, offers TMS therapy, a non-invasive and FDA-approved treatment. The clinic places magnetic coils on the patient’s scalp to stimulate nerve cells (in the brain) that directly affect their mood.

Dr. Bowarshi, an active member of the Clinical TMS Society and American Psychiatric Association, takes a balanced approach as each patient is unique. The psychiatrist adjusts the stimulation level to reduce common side effects of the treatment, such as headache, scalp discomfort (while receiving the treatment), and lightheadedness. The staff and the psychiatrist also advise the patient on how to prepare for treatment and some of the things to do before the first appointment.

Besides depression, there is enough clinical evidence to support the use of TMS therapy to treat anxiety. While it is not covered by insurance, the Wesley Chapel psychiatrist does not charge extra for the treatment. Like other treatments, the clinic offers a free consultation and answers the patient’s questions, especially if they are interested in learning more about how the treatment works.

While antidepressants and psychotherapy are often the first lines of treatment for anxiety, some patients may not always respond to the treatments. Fortunately, the clinic tailors the treatment by first stimulating the left-side brain. If their depression improves but anxiety does not, Dr. Bowarshi adds right-sided TMS therapy. With the right-sided low-frequency treatment, he successfully reduces the hyperactivity of electrochemical signals from the patient’s right prefrontal cortex.

In addition to TMS medical technology, advanced therapeutics, and new medications, the clinic has patient-centered processes. For instance, a team is always on standby to walk patients through the intake process and help them with appointment scheduling. The environment is also nice and relaxing, which is key for patients struggling with anxiety, depression, OCD, and bipolar.

When speaking about the clinic, one person noted: “I really enjoyed how helpful the receptionist Amal was. Over the phone prior to the appointment, sending me the paperwork to fill out prior to arriving, and making sure we were comfortable in the waiting room. All very professional and an enjoyable experience. The doctor was extremely knowledgeable and helped us decide whether TMS would be a success for my son with autism.”

Khaled Bowarshi, M.D. | Depression Psychiatrist is located at â??â??26843 Tanic Drive, STE 101, Wesley Chapel, FL, 33544, US. Patients looking for a depression expert or interested in TMS therapy can contact the clinic at (813) 867-2378. Visit the website for more information.

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