Ketone Ester For Performance Endurance In Parkinson’s Patients, Report Launched

Ketones are a natural energy source secreted by the liver and used by the brain when glucose levels become low during physical exercise. For Parkinson’s patients, exercise has been shown to have positive effects on symptoms, but since patients struggle to maintain a consistent exercise level due to the illness, scientists were interested in finding out if ketone ester deltaG could help in a study whose findings were published in a recent report.

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The study, published at the National Library of Medicine, involved 14 patients, aged 40-80 years, with Hoehn and Yahr stage 1-2 Parkinson’s disease. Participants from one of the groups were administered ketone ester deltaG before engaging in a cycling test to measure endurance. Scientists wanted to determine the length of time participants could sustain a cyclic pace of 80 rpm.

The scientists also measured glucose levels to see the effect that the ketone ester deltaG would have on the respiratory exchange ratio of patients. The study concluded that the group who ingested the ketone ester deltaG exercised for a longer period of time than the group that did not. In addition, the ketone ester deltaG group demonstrated a decreased respiratory exchange ratio, indicating a deviation from carbohydrate-dependent metabolism.

For Parkinson’s patients who are insulin resistant, the findings are significant, as the researchers noted: “Ketone ester deltaG improved endurance exercise performance in persons with Parkinson’s disease and may, therefore, be useful as an adjunctive therapy to enhance the effectiveness of exercise treatment for Parkinson’s disease.”

The findings also indicate that ketone ester deltaG can be taken to help increase athletic performance, with users reporting feeling a clean boost of energy without experiencing jitters or an elevated pulse.

With the release of its latest health report, deltaG Ketones wants to raise awareness of ketone ester’s capacity to improve cardiovascular health and overall fitness of individuals looking for a non-medicinal performance-enhancing solution.

deltaG Ketones says: “Studies show that ketones may help decrease blood sugar levels and increase insulin sensitivity. When paired with a healthy diet and exercise, this could prevent serious illnesses such as type 2 diabetes or cardiovascular disease.”

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