Ketamine Therapy In Detroit: New Pain Management Clinic Opened In August

Detroit, MI – Complete Ketamine Solutions has been serving patients throughout the United States since 2018. Founded by anesthesia expert and US Army veteran Clint Fletcher, CRNA, MSA, the ketamine therapy center recently opened in Detroit. Complete Ketamine Solutions of Detroit now offers pain management services to people with treatment-resistant pain as well as mental health issues, such as depression.

Complete Ketamine Solutions of Detroit is located in Grosse Pointe at 17888 Mack Ave., #1. This location was chosen primarily because of its convenience and easy access to I 94. Detroit was an obvious location for an affordable ketamine infusion center since many of the other options were financially prohibitive for many of the area’s residents. The vast majority of other ketamine therapy providers in Detroit may charge $6000 or more for pain management series. By contrast, Complete Ketamine Solutions charges a flat fee of $2700 for pain and $2200 for mood management.

Ketamine therapy for pain management is a relatively new offering in the world of medicine. However, it has shown great effectiveness in helping treat people with chronic neck issues, lower back pain, connective tissue disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, neuropathy, fibromyalgia, chronic migraines, and more.

Ketamine therapy is administered during an 18-day treatment regimen. This consists of six treatments. Two of these last for three hours, and three last for three hours each. These treatments take place in a safe, sterile, and nonjudgmental clinical environment.

A similar course is offered for those seeking ketamine for depression. Ketamine is shown to have high effectiveness in helping people with treatment-resistant depression find short and long-term relief. For the last two decades, research has consistently proven that low doses of the anesthetic medication rapidly relieve the symptoms of depression when administered intravenously.

IV ketamine infusion therapy can help the people of Detroit overcome bipolar depression, traumatic brain injury depression, anxiety disorders, and treatment-resistant depression. It is known to trigger a series of events that allows the brain to heal from damage caused by any of these mental health issues. Although each patient is different and may experience different results due to the subjective nature of pain measurement, ketamine therapy is positioned to become one of the most exciting breakthroughs in mental health medicine in the last half-century.

According to Complete Ketamine Solutions of Detroit, ketamine injection treatment offers some patients relief after the first visit. For others, it may take three or four treatments. Others still notice a gradual reduction in depressive symptoms over the course of several weeks following treatment.

In addition to ketamine infusion therapy, Complete Ketamine Solutions of Detroit may offer other services, such as NAD infusions. NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is a coenzyme that’s crucial to each cell of the body. These infusions can help restore mental clarity, metabolism, brain function, energy, and more. NAD therapy may also be combined with ketamine therapy for pain management. Providers at the Detroit clinic will work with each patient individually to decide the best option for their unique circumstances.

According to providers at the ketamine clinic, ketamine therapy is safe and effective. While many people may be concerned about the potential for addiction, ketamine therapy is not known to trigger addiction. Although ketamine has been used as a party drug for decades, people receiving ketamine infusions are given such a low dose that it does not cause the same negative effects, such as blacking out. Instead, those receiving treatment report feeling dissociated from the body, which allows them an opportunity to experience lasting pain relief.

For more information about ketamine therapy in Detroit, contact Complete Ketamine Solutions online by visiting the website

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