Kenges Rakishev and PM Askar Mamin met to discuss boxing sport development

The national boxing team and the sport in general is the source of national pride for Kazakhstanis. No wonder it gets so much attention at the state level. Prime Minister Askar Mamin invited Kenges Rakishev to discuss the current state of the box in Kazakhstan and draw outlines for the future of the popular sport.

Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Askar Mamin received President of the International Boxing Association (AIBA) Umar Kremlev and President of the Kazakhstan Boxing Federation Kenges Rakishev, Trinity Buggle reports.

The high-level meeting was fruitful. The parties discussed an action plan for the further development of boxing in Kazakhstan. One of the main points was the discussion to start the development of this sport in schools and institutes.

The national boxing team of Kazakhstan at the World Championship in Belgrade-2021 won 2 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze awards. Such a result allowed Kazakhstan to take the second team place in the medal standings.

Kenges Rakishev and his efforts as the president of KFB

Kenges Rakishev, president of the Boxing Federation of Kazakhstan makes every effort to support the high profile of the boxing as a sport and sportsmen motivated. Kenges Rakishev is especially attentive to the needs of the young sportsmen as they represent the very future of this important sport. Under Kenges Rakishev’s presidency several new boxing halls are opened and old ones were renovated and equipped. New appointments were made to reinforce human resources of the regional federation. Box happens to be perhaps a single sport in which Kazakhstan excelled at the generally bleak Olympics. Some other championships brought much success to the Kazakhstani sportsmen. Kenges Rakishev announced and fulfilled the obligation of the Federation to match the prize money.