Kaz Substantiates an Honest Reflection on the Present

United States, 15th Dec 2022 – Dr. Bogdan Kotnis’ historical drama Kaz: War, Love, and Betrayal is full of suspense and action. General Kazimierz Pulaski forfeits his family’s wealth and steadfast love to battle the Russian and British troops during the 18th-century wars. His courageous actions won him the distinction of Father of the American Cavalry, and the eighth honorary U.S. citizenship during the same period when the United States was founded and Poland fell. In addition, his tale aids in our understanding of the ongoing Russian war in Ukraine. In the era when the armed conflicts spanning two continents impacted the world’s future as we know it now, Kaz presents 100 historical characters from both sides of the Atlantic.

Their behavior makes us think of notable people from today. For example, when accused of having a relationship with the Russian Tsarina Catherine the Great, the Polish King Stan responds in the negative. This scene is reminiscent of President Clinton’s response to the Monika Lewinsky scandal. Likewise, the “little green men” nickname given to the Russian soldiers who are murdering, raping, and robbing in Poland is a reference to the special operations forces President Putin of Russia employed to take Crimea from Ukraine. Bogdan Kotnis, Pd.D. is a writer, journalist, educator, and film director with degrees in both the United States and Poland. His knowledge of English, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, German, and Danish helped describe the complex ties between several European nations with clarity.A reading list for American kids and the military should include Kaz. Anyone attempting to comprehend the geopolitical issues in our world should have it in their library. Any­one looking for exciting literature with suspense and dramatic climactic reversals will find it in this fast-paced historical thriller.

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