Katie Hornor Business Coach for Christian Women Entrepreneurs Relaunches Program

Katie Hornor (often misspelled “Horner”) has relaunched her successful coaching program for Christian women entrepreneurs. In it, she helps female entrepreneurs to understand that wealth-building and financial literacy are biblical. According to Katie, many women feel conflicted about their views on business, fearing that their desire for wealth is somehow sinful and misaligned with their true purpose with God.

More details can be found at https://theflamingoadvantage.com/about/

Katie offers entrepreneurial programs in leveraging uniqueness, marketing, and client experience. All programs emphasize the divinity of standing out to continue doing the Lord’s work. Students of the program are taught to respect and appreciate their divine beauty, especially when it comes to following their passions and earning money as a result of their gifts and efforts.

Another of the foundational lessons of The Flamingo Advantage is that it is perfectly okay to rest. Katie says that most female Christian entrepreneurs feel they are spread too thin or are unsure of themselves, particularly regarding their specific product or service offerings and mission.

In line with the relaunch, Katie has also announced her Christian Marketing Retreat on June 1 to 3. The three-day event will discuss relevant marketing strategies that take careful consideration of the Bible and how to do business grounded in faith. The retreat is designed for women to have important conversations with like-minded people so that they can continue doing business aligned with the Lord.

Katie hosts The Flamingo Advantage Podcast and is also the author of 30-plus books, including her latest Amazon best-seller, “The Flamingo Advantage: How to Leverage Unique, Stay Relevant and Change the World.”

“We can trust Him to bring those dreams and visions to life and we can trust in His timing,” Katie Hornor says, “Your work is absolutely valuable and what you earn can be reinvested in Kingdom work. It is okay to be paid for the work you do in creating those dreams and visions God has given you. Then you can give back to Him and reinvest the assets He entrusts to you back into His Kingdom work. No matter what you do, you’re making a mark on this generation and on those to come.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting https://theflamingoadvantage.com/about/

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