Kansas FinTech Company Hires New Director of Technology and Software Development

Net Pay Advance, a financial technology company based in Wichita, Kansas, is excited to announce the appointment of Curtis Hines as the new Director of Technology and Software Development. Hines, who has over 15 years of experience in the tech industry, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the Net Pay Advance team.

What sets Hines apart is not just his technical expertise, but also his passion for teaching and helping others grow. In fact, Hines is an instructor at Wichita State University (WSU). He will be starting an internship program at Net Pay Advance in his department in conjunction with WSU. As part of this program, students will be visiting the company on the last day of their 8-week class.

“This commitment to teaching and mentoring aligns perfectly with Net Pay Advance’s values,” said Director of Analytics, Clayton Howard. “We are thrilled to have him on board.”

As the new Director of Technology and Software Development, Hines will oversee the management of all technology and software development projects at Net Pay Advance. This will include setting goals, managing budgets, and bringing new ideas to the table. Hines’ expertise in software team development and organizing agile plans will also help ensure the successful delivery of high-quality service to clients.

Hines is a proven leader in the tech industry, having previously worked at RLDatix and R.D. Henry & Company. He gained valuable experience in software team development during his time at RLDatix. With his expertise in software team development, he is well-equipped to lead Net Pay Advance’s development team.

One of the new ideas that Hines will be implementing at Net Pay Advance is called Level of Effort (LOE). This concept assigns points, or hours, to tasks, allowing the company to get a better idea of how long a project will take and prioritize which tasks to focus on first. Hines previously used this method heavily at RLDatix.

Hines’ management style is a cross between laissez-faire and coaching style, which focuses on giving employees the freedom to work independently while providing guidance and support when needed. This approach emphasizes the importance of coaching within management, and it aligns perfectly with Net Pay Advance’s culture of continuous learning and development.

“His experience in the tech industry will be invaluable as we continue to grow and develop our business,” said Howard. “But what really excites me is his passion for teaching and mentoring others. At Net Pay Advance, we believe that coaching is a critical part of management, and [Hines] embodies that philosophy. I am confident that his leadership and coaching skills will help us create a positive work environment and take our company to the next level.”

Hines is excited to be joining Net Pay Advance’s talented team of experts. “I am honored to work with such a dynamic group of people,” he said. “At Net Pay Advance, I see a company that is committed to innovation and growth, and I am thrilled to be part of that journey. I believe that coaching and mentoring are essential to helping employees reach their full potential, and I look forward to contributing to that culture at Net Pay Advance.”

As the new Director of Technology and Software Development, Hines will also be responsible for creating a positive work environment for the Net Pay Advance team, fostering growth, and promoting a culture of collaboration and innovation. Hines’ dedication to mentoring others will be an asset in shaping the next level of technical advances at the company.

Net Pay Advance is a finance technology company that specializes in providing innovative financial solutions. The company’s new hire will contribute to the team’s goal of delivering cutting-edge solutions to meet customers’ evolving needs. Hines will be able to identify technologies and tools that can be leveraged to create efficient and user-friendly financial products. With the addition of Hines to the team, Net Pay Advance is well-positioned to continue its growth and success in the industry.

Hines’ experience in software team development and agile planning, combined with his management style, will help Net Pay Advance deliver high-quality products and services. Net Pay Advance’s commitment to innovation and growth, together with Hines’ leadership and coaching skills, make for an exciting combination.

With Hines’ leadership and teaching experience, Net Pay Advance is well-equipped to continue providing innovative financial solutions.

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