K-Lava Salt adds new products and Wellness Hotel to their service catalog

South Korea — K-Lava Salt is Korea’s no.1 bamboo salt brand selling variants of 9 times Bamboo Salts. It has introduced two more products and a quiet hotel near Jirisan. 

Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea–K-Lava Salt is a Korea-based company selling variants and products of K-Lava Salt, a.k.a the 9 times baked  Bamboo Salt. The brand makes multiple variants and different products by different approaches to 9 times baked bamboo salt. Besides using K-Lava Salt in food for savory cooking, it gives plenty of benefits to many kinds of health issues. It has an antioxidant effect that makes it safe to use in the production of beauty products, toothpaste, scalp shampoo, conditioners, and soaps.

Benefits of 9 times baked bamboo salt

Benefits of Bamboo salt include having over 55 minerals that result in an instant improvement in your immune system, boosting alkalizing and antioxidant effects, and increasing minerals absorbability in the body, scalp, skin, and gum health.

Recently, the company has added two new products to its K-Lava Salt Store:

K-LAVA SALT—Sulfur Garlic, Granule, 8.81 Ounce

K-LAVA SALT—Sulfur Garlic, 9.52 Ounce (Individually Packaged)

These products are potent combinations to eat Baked Sulfur Garlic together with 9  times Baked Bamboo Salt. After being harvested, the garlic is Baked with PINE TREE firewood and made into powder after being dried and peeled. The primary ingredient of these products includes Roasted & Dried Garlic 67% + K-LAVA Purple 9x Bamboo Salt 33%. The products help boost stamina, purify the blood and develop detoxification effects. One bottle of K-LAVA SALT—Sulfur Garlic, Granule, 8.81 Ounces, contains 25 bulbs of garlic Harvested from a sulfur-fed garlic field, while K-LAVA SALT—Sulfur Garlic, 9.52 Ounce have 27 bulbs. 

K-Lava Salt has also introduced their Wellness Hotel, a cozy and comfortable resting place in the forest surrounded by beautiful Geumgang pine trees. 

The wellness hotel serves healthy meals prepared with bamboo salt. Not only can you enjoy delicious Korean, Western, and Special dishes made with bamboo salt but also you can enjoy bamboo salt coffee.

Furthermore, if you drive 30 minutes from the Wellness Hotel, you can visit the bamboo salt manufacturing factory, where you can witness the fascinating process of making bamboo salt.

Nowhere in the world offers such an experience, and you can enjoy all of them at K-Lava Salt Insanga, Korea’s No. 1 bamboo salt company.

Insanga’s Wellness Hotel is located at a place such that any attractions in the Jirisan area are within 30 minutes. The hotel is located in the middle of Sambongsan Mountain, 500m above sea level. It is the most prominent tourist hotel in Hamyang-gun, with 36 rooms of various sizes on the 4th floor, a restaurant, and a VIP lounge. Currently, it offers a 20% discount to general customers and a 40% discount to Insanga members. 

About Company:

K-Lava Salt is a Korean company that manufactured bamboo salt for the first time in the world in 1987. K-Lava Salt contains 55 essential minerals and alkalizes the blood. The study shows that 9 times baked bamboo salt is one of the healthiest salt in the world-  helpful for health and savory cooking purposes. The company sells multiple products made with the best quality 9 times baked bamboo salt. 

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