Julia’s clients say that each stroke she gives adds beauty!

To give the perfect look to the face, eyebrows are a must to be on point. That’s what she does best, say the clients.

Julia is one of the best amongst the rest when it comes to microblading. She draws each stroke by hand before applying it to her client’s face. Her theory states that each face has a different contour and set of cheekbones, so common symmetry doesn’t work here, but she designs every single hair for perfection as per the face structure. 

Every artist works on the criteria of designing the symmetry and working on the microblading process on a regular basis. What sets Julia apart is that she tries to find harmony between the eyebrow design and the client’s face to give a perfect tip finish. 

Her USP also adds her trait of showing the freehand stroke to the concerned client before starting the microblading procedure so that she can visualise the upcoming results beforehand along with the client. She tries to finish the rough work with a Faria Brow Stroke pencil and draws each hair, not just the outline, to make the visualisation easier for the concerned person.

To get the best work done in town, Julia is your only choice to achieve the perfect look.