JUARA Skincare’s New Book, Jamu Lifestyle: Indonesian Herbal Wellness Tradition, Wins 2023 Gourmand Cookbook Awards

Houston, TX – Metta Murdaya, co-founder of JUARA Skincare is committed to empowering women to champion their natural beauty, has won the 2023 Gourmand Cookbook Awards for its book titled “Jamu Lifestyle: Indonesian Herbal Wellness Tradition.” The book won the 2023 edition of the awards in two categories; “Best Healthy Cookbook – Indonesia 2023” and “Best Printer.”

The book, as well as JUARA Skincare, focuses on encouraging the pursuit of wellness with the mindset of joy. Announcing the awards, the company’s spokesperson noted that they will continue to enrich consumers’ lives in every way possible, through their product and by encouraging wellness.

The book, “Jamu Lifestyle: Indonesian Herbal Wellness Tradition”, was also described as a guide to community engagement and beauty. It focuses on helping readers discover the secret to beauty and wellness while exposing them to beauty rituals, community gatherings, and sensory engagement, which are considered a huge part of self-care.

“Jamu is the herbal-medicine tradition of the Indonesian archipelago. Born from disparate influences brought by traders to this crossroads of Asian commerce over the centuries, Jamu has developed into a sophisticated suite of nutritional supplements incorporated into cuisine, beauty rituals, and healing agents, all proven effective by empirical research. But Jamu is more than brightly colored powders and tonics. Jamu Lifestyle is your gateway to entering a vibrant community devoted to self-care; a joyous and transformational world of wellness,” the book’s description reads.

Readers will have access to a wide range of secrets that will improve their lifestyle, appearance, and quality of life. Some of the key benefits of the book include knowledge of the ways to infuse fun and joy into everyday activities based on the Jamu lifestyle approach and how to create some jamu-inspired recipes at home.

The book also teaches readers how to level up their existing skincare and bathing routine with easy and cost-effective tips to create a home-spa experience and more. Readers can also explore the different jamu-inspired products here while following the tips and tricks shared in the book.

JUARA Skincare stays committed to sharing the deepest secrets of beauty and a healthy lifestyle through its products. The brand’s focus on helping individuals feel elegant and luxurious and encouraging wellness, helps people nurture overall care of their bodies and experience a higher quality of life. Readers can browse through their blog for wellness tips and more.

Visit the company’s website to learn more about the new book, “Jamu Lifestyle: Indonesian Herbal Wellness Tradition”, the company’s products, and how to make a purchase. JUARA Skincare can be reached via phone at 212-228-9601. The company is located at 6711 Stella Link Road #388, Houston, TX 77005 US.

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