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Joy Spreader Renamed as Joy Spreader Group to Embark on a New Journey as an Global Diversified Group

Joy Spreader (06988.HK)  published an announcement in the evening of August 2nd 2021, stating that the Company had been renamed from “Joy Spreader Interactive Technology Ltd.” to “Joy Spreader Group Inc.”, effective on September 30, 2020.Joy Spreader (06988.HK) announced The announcement said that the renaming would not exert any influence on any shareholder rights, daily business operations, or financial conditions.

According to people familiar with the Company, the renaming signifies that the Group has officially embarked on a new journey as a global diversified group. As a data-driven and algorithm-oriented group with the mission of “technology empowers the consumption”, the Group has successfully demonstrated its unparalleled competences and capabilities in technology and service in the domestic mobile new media marketing field, as well as in the production and operation of interactive entertainment products and e-commerce on short-video. The data algorithms-centric Group will expand its footprints and territories to new fields, including but not limited to overseas e-commerce marketing, and first party-data content commercialization, etc. as the growth strategy in the near future. 

It is reported that the Group made its overseas e-commerce marketing business debut recently in a stealth mode. Considering the operational characteristics and market environment of overseas mobile new media, the Group built brand-new localized technical algorithms and service systems, explored e-commerce marketing on overseas mobile new media platforms including Tik Tok, and established a localized closed loop ecosystem for procurement, new media content and traffic, data analysis, deal making and logistics. As the first mover to provide e-commerce marketing services on Tik Tok, Joy Spreader Group demonstrates strong track of record of globalization to utilize its content data, behavior data and algorithm-centric interest-based recommendation serving its long-term mission of “technology empowers the consumption”. At time being, the Group targets at the Southeast Asian market and will gradually expand to other countries and regions at the appropriate time.

Moreover, the Group will soon debut its new business in first party-data content commercialization. It is learned that Joy Spreader is aiming at distribution and operation of new-media digital-based content together with its partners, including the distribution, combined operation and commercialization of interactive entertainment, film and television, music using first party–data traffic. By means of integration of data algorithm competence and cultural content operation in a broader sense, coupled with the mobile internet influence and established commercial operation model, high-quality cultural content at home and abroad can be carried forward by Joy Spreader, thus achieving its expected commercial value while telling China’s story well.

The change of company name marks a new era for Joy Spreader Group towards “centralized management system”, “international development”, and “diversified operations”. Specifically, the Group will be able to apply its powerful data-algorithm ability in multiple fields of the internet with the help of “centralized management system” and “diversified operations”, increasing the utilization of traffic resources on mobile internet and enhancing the ability to serve corporate clients and content publishers. Meanwhile, “international development” opens a new market based on the established model for the Group, signaling the advent of a new business development era.


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