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United States: With more people embracing yoga in the US and the western world, the definition of the practice, which has roots in ancient India, has become vague. The debate “Is Yoga Physical Or Spiritual?” has become popular, even though most Americans believe yoga has many benefits. To provide a more comprehensive definition of yoga, Journey Healing Centers considers three main factors: mental, spiritual, and physical impact.

On whether yoga is a physical or spiritual discipline, Journey Healing Centers acknowledges that the practice is both. There are many studies on the physical benefits of enrolling in yoga for people interested in working through psychological issues such as anxiety, trauma, and emotional tension. On the other hand, the platform acknowledges that without a spiritual component, Yoga lessons are reduced to a place to unwind, a regular workout session, or a stretching class.

While it is not about supernatural creatures or ghosts, most regular yoga practitioners are interested in becoming more conscious of the energy — both within and without. According to Journey Healing Centers, the practice quiets the mind, which is key as humans constantly think about life. As a result, the practice gives them a rare opportunity to enter their sacred inner place.

Journey Healing Centers notes that while yoga is spiritual, it is not a religious activity, and the spiritual aspect is not related to any (formalized) religion. Yoga, defined as the process of unifying the spirit, mind, and body, can be practiced by anybody, regardless of their religious belief (including non-believers).

Besides defining what yoga is, who can enroll in a class, and what the practice does to a person, Journey Healing Centers has compiled some of its benefits. In a well-researched piece, “Top 7 Reasons Yoga Is Good For Mental Health,” the authors educate the readers on the amazing benefits of the practice on their mental health.

According to the article, the first two benefits are releasing beneficial brain chemicals and lessening stress. Almost all exercise in Yoga classes causes the body to release feel-good chemicals such as serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine. Muscle movements, an upbeat attitude in most sessions, and soothing music contribute to stress management.

Yoga can enhance sleep and alleviate depression, according to research. Journey Healing Centers paints a picture of how that is possible, quoting some of the recent studies. In the case of the practice helping people improve sleep, the article highlights yoga research that studied over 60 years old participants that regained normal sleeping habits by enrolling in yoga classes.

Boosting social life is another benefit highlighted in the article. Unlike other related practices, yoga classes create communities that positively impact the participant’s social life. They can make friends and feel community connections. Other benefits include conquering anxiety and encouraging good behavior. Visit the Journey Healing Centers website for more information.

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