Journalise: Focus Your Life, Unlock Your Potential

Many of us kept a diary in our teenage years; these diaries were our friends, allowing us to be ourselves and tell our deepest thoughts and secrets without any worries. They helped us put our thoughts together, get our frustrations out and give an insight into our day-to-day mental state. However many people stop writing down their daily thoughts when they become adults. The concept of journaling is the same as a keeping a diary, but as adults it offers an even greater benefit due to increasing life stresses, complexities and every day challenges.

Journalise is a brand that prioritises mental health self-care and aims to provide a structured framework for journaling one’s thoughts, needs and ideas. They are proud to be introducing 3 different journals to support you in your mental health care wherever you may be in your personal journey. They are very much aware of the fact that getting started with journaling can be scary and have therefore created Journal 101. The Journal 101 is a tool to help you begin your journaling habit and build a positive mental health habit. This beginner’s journal format provides you with ideas, exercises and prompts guiding you in understanding your emotions, needs and aspirations. For those who don’t need as much structure, there is the Journal 121. It is ideal for those experienced in journaling, with more blank space to explore and express oneself more freely. The 3rd journal is the Go Journal which was created for those with less time to devote to journaling.

All 3 journals are made out of premium quality materials including a Flexi faux leather cover for a flexible yet firm and soft touch. They feature lie-flat stitched binding, 80gsm white paper with 2 ribbon markers and a pen loop for ease of use. The journals include an initial section with a series of planning and tracking tools, such a goals and bucket lists, habits list, monthly trackers and monthly calendar planners. Each day starts with the daily check in, with sections for morning and evening, which will allow users to easily track their emotions and prepare for the next day. Journal 101 has more prompts and focuses on drilling down to more specific areas. It includes exercises that include techniques based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), as well as additional tools and practices that are perfect for those new to journaling. The Journal 121 has 3 blank lined pages per day and allow users to take notes and draw mind-maps, diagrams and doodle as they please. The Go Journal has 1 blank dotted-format page per day allowing for quicker and more concise journaling.

Mark Morton is the creator of Journalise and has used his personal experiences in creating his brand. When he initially started journaling, he recognised how scary a blank page was. After spending many hours researching on how best to keep a journal and increasing the benefits of journaling, he came up with the concepts for Journalise. His vision is to normalise mental health self-care by empowering everyone to use tools and methodologies for self-discovery that journaling offers.  Launching on Kickstarter, Journalise is looking for backers through crowdfunding and is offering great (early bird) rewards. For more info please check out their campaign page at