John Canty Webster Discusses The Impact of the 2022 Tax Policy On Businesses In The US

Webster, MA, 5th January 2023, ZEXPRWIRE, John Canty Webster, the founder, and CEO of John Canty Finance Consulting Firm, has served the Colorado business community for the last two decades. Having a great command over financial matters, John is a professional, well-trained, dedicated business consultant. He has a deep insight into the 2022 Tax Policy and its impact on businesses in the US in general and Massachusetts in particular.

John works with enterprises that are either undergoing transformation or completing large-scale projects. He helps organizations with their tax-related matters and assists them in expanding their businesses. John helps businesses optimize their organizational structure, administrative processes, and governance and selects the appropriate technology tools and systems by offering expert advice and financial consultancy.

John Canty and his team have been deeply studying the impact of the newly rolled out 2022 Tax Policy. Since he has been offering credible tax consulting services to businesses across Massachusetts with various tax-related issues. He knows what it takes for a business to abide by the U.S. tax rules and regulations and how it will change with the new policy in place. John uses proven expertise and knowledge of the U.S. tax code to assist his clients to pay what they owe, nothing more nor less. This is why John Canty is the most eligible person to discuss the 2022 Tax Policy and its impact on businesses.

“I understand and appreciate that every business is unique and needs a tailored approach to tax planning and related services. I have a well-connected network of tax specialists and we have studied the 2022 Tax Policy and all possible ways and means to support our client’s business every step of the way while complying with the new rules. Using my knowledge and expertise in corporate tax, I will be highlighting the key points that are critical to businesses in the 2022 Tax Policy using this platform.” ~ John Canty Webster MA.

According to John Canty Webster, the ongoing legislative process has been critically affected by the engagement that is being carried out among the business community with policymakers to illustrate the potential negative effects of certain tax proposals on their employees, job creation, and investments in the United States. While the proposals pertaining to the increase in tax are currently under discussion in the Senate, this would still result in higher taxes being imposed on many individuals and businesses. He also shared his views on how the tax provisions in the House-passed bill would result in smaller tax increases than the tax provisions originally proposed by the Biden administration.

“The Democrats can utilize budget reconciliation procedures to advance tax legislation over the objections of Congressional Republicans. In order to do so, Democrats must secure the near-unanimous support of House Democrats and the unanimous support of all 50 Democratic Senators. The fate in the Senate of the House-passed “Build Back Better Act” (H.R. 5376) remains very much in question even after all these efforts.” ~ John Canty Webster

John Canty clarifies how the stakes continue to be high as companies seek to manage potential US and global tax policy changes. According to him, the key challenge for businesses in this environment is to identify strategic opportunities for growth and expansion. 2022 Tax Policy remained at the center of all the seminar discussions, and most speakers, including John Canty, believed that it could be a catalyst for delivering trust and driving strategic business outcomes in the coming years.

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