Jensen Family Law: Safeguarding Clients’ Rights in Divorce Proceedings

Jensen Family Law is dedicated to safeguarding its clients’ interests during divorce proceedings. As a law firm mainly focused on family law and with extensive experience, they provide representation in all major divorce cases, beginning with dissolution. Even though the state does not require one party to have a specific reason for divorcing (and the reason for dissolution is irrelevant), the case must fulfill specific criteria for the court to grant a divorce. The firm helps the client interpret the laws and build a strong case.

The attorneys also represent clients in child support and custody cases. The firm informs clients of their options and rights and guides them through complex legal processes. If the other party is willing to resolve disagreements and prioritize their children, the firm can help them negotiate, specifically child support and visitation rights.

The law firm assists clients in drafting parenting plans. While divorce or separation may affect the parents’ relationship, putting the children’s interests first is the dream of most parents. As a law firm dedicated to helping parents protect and prepare for their children’s future, Jensen Family Law includes all the important factors in the parenting agreement, including custody, support, holidays, vacations, and health-related expenses.

Couples who are preparing for marriage can turn to the firm’s prenuptial agreement lawyers for assistance. Despite misconceptions, prenuptial agreements are not just for those in fragile relationships or the rich, and they are not necessarily expensive. Couples from all backgrounds can benefit from a prenup, particularly if there is a wealth disparity or if one party has a business, is a shareholder, or is starting a high-paying career. The lawyers are well-versed in the workings of the Arizona legal system and have the ability to create a prenup that is both valid and enforceable in the future.

Jensen Family Law has helped numerous clients in their pursuit of grandparents rights. The firm provides representation in legal proceedings for clients seeking legal visitation rights, guardianship for their grandchildren, or custody. The attorney is zealous in protecting the client’s rights but recognizes the importance of preserving the child’s relationship with other parents. Thus, the team strives to find the best solution for all parties involved and prioritize the child’s well-being in a loving and secure environment.

When speaking about the law firm, a client noted: “The team at Jensen Family Law is amazing! My attorney and his paralegal were both with me every step of the way. They were very prompt in their responses and level-headed when my ex-husband’s attorney came at them with spit-fire and (sometimes) false information. The attorney was great and very conscious of the laws and knowledgeable about the processes!”

Clients interested in legal assistance – going through divorce, separation, or needing a prenup agreement – can contact the firm at 4809992321. Visit the website for more about Jensen Family Law.

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