Jamali A Mystical Journey Of Hope, The True Story Of An American Artist

Book Jamali A Mystical Journey Of Hope The True Story Of An American Artist

Autobiography Published by Rizzoli International 488 pages hardcover, incl. 111 full-color plates releases on March 28, 2023. Distributed by Random House & Penguin.

Orlando, Florida Mar 21, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – An epic saga spanning seven decades and three continents…a powerful tale of love, suicide, and murder…of the failures of American institutions – of conflict and war – of a life lived for art and peace – this is the story of Jamali: A Mystical Journey of Hope, the True Story of an American Artist.

With the release of his long-awaited autobiography artist, Jamali brings us a formidable, life-affirming narrative that begins in the deserts of Northern Pakistan. The pursuit of this mission, to bring the world Art and Peace, led him to a solitary life and a set of 40 prophetic, life-changing dreams that defined his future path. He founded Mystical Expressionism, the 6th major style of art in history. We follow Jamali as the survives numerous brushes with death, and a literal firing squad, and ultimately finds his way to Europe and America, only to encounter new walls of racism and rejection.

It was clear that these American curators, gallery owners, and art institutions had rarely seen radical works like his or, for that matter from an “exotic” artist. Instead of giving up, Jamali took the bold, unorthodox step of opening his own flagship, a 5000 sq. ft gallery in the heart of the SoHo art district which brought overwhelming support from American art collectors.

The hate was visceral as a crowd shouted at Jamali in front of his gallery, on the anniversary of 9/11. His entire gallery staff quit out of hate and the space was attacked, vandalized, and looted twice. This watershed moment crystallized Jamali’s resolve to make a success out of this already booming gallery business, despite the unending obstacles thrown in his path. Like the trauma that has left him with PTSD and a distrust of the art world, even in the face of existential threats like endless, senseless wars and the menace of climate change, a war against nature.

Today Jamali resides in Florida with his wife, a gifted artist, and musician. He continues to work on the JAMALI foundation, his legacy center, one of the largest in the world while enjoying the support of 10,000+ collectors globally. And, despite continuing battles, Jamali remains committed and steadfast in creating new and innovative art, following his visionary dreams… to bring the world, Art & Peace.

“All Beautiful Art is Peace” –Jamali

JamaliPainting By Jamali title Mystic Master 78x 56 Jamali in HimalayaPainting By Jamali Title The Test  57 x39

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