Jamaica, NY Interstate Moving Guide: Tips On Driving A Moving Truck Released

A recent study conducted by The Zebra found that 66% of Americans experience driving anxiety – and Movers.com believes that, when driving a moving truck, this anxiety is amplified as the driver will not have experience operating such a large vehicle. As such, it has published a new guide titled “Best Ways To Drive A Moving Truck”.

More details about Movers.com and the full guide can be found at https://www.movers.com/truck-rental-guides/driving-a-moving-truck.html

Low cost is the main reason many people are now choosing to DIY a move; however, this comes with its own set of challenges – renting and driving a moving truck chief among them. From loading the belongings to maneuvering on narrow roads, Movers.com offers expert advice on how to avoid mistakes and accidents.

“Driving a rental truck can be more stressful for you mostly when you are driving it for the first time,” writes the author. “To help you drive a moving truck efficiently, we have gathered a few important tips.”

To start, the guide suggests that movers inspect the rental truck to ensure the lights and signals are working, the tires are filled with sufficient air, and there is enough gas for the trip. To avoid liability for any damages they did not cause, Movers.com recommends checking for dents and scratches and taking pictures.

The moving professionals also stress the importance of careful and proper loading for both road safety and the protection of belongings. If items are not properly secured with ratchet straps, they could move or topple – potentially getting damaged in the process and distracting the driver. Similarly, a truck that is unbalanced will be more difficult to manage, which could lead to traffic accidents.

Movers should also take into account that the truck will move much slower than a car, whether it’s accelerating or stopping. As such, the guide advises always maintaining a safe distance from other vehicles and taking wider turns.

With one of the largest networks of licensed and insured moving companies, Movers.com has been offering no-cost estimates since 1994. Those who decide they want to compare their DIY move costs with professional mover rates can fill out a short form on the website to receive up to seven estimates.

More information about Movers.com, the no-cost estimate tool, and a list of Jamaica, NY movers can be found at https://www.movers.com/moving-companies/ny-new-york/jamaica/cheap-movers.html

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