Jade Stone Heating Mat For Wellness, Recovery: PEMF Therapy Device Update

HealthyLine is the leading provider of multipurpose therapy devices intended to boost vitality and stimulate bodily tissues through a variety of means. They have updated the design of their InfraMat Pro series of products to include jade stones woven into each mat, which may enhance the negative ion production of the products.

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The updated InfraMat Pro product line is intended to provide a full-body therapy experience through the use of 5 customizable wellness modes. The premium Platinum mat is capable of facilitating therapy methods including direct heat application, far infrared and negative ion therapies, PEMF radiation, and photon light therapy.

These therapies are accomplished through a variety of means, though most relevant to this update are the PEMF capabilities of the product line. Each mat in the premium line now includes 5 different types of semi-precious stone known to emit varying levels of PEMF radiation: tourmaline, quartz, amethyst, obsidian, and now jade.

The other therapeutic capabilities of the mat are controllable through the included module, which allows users to toggle the infrared, heat, and light applications and adjust them to varying intensities. As such, users build their own full-body therapy experience.

In this same vein, each mat comes with a full accessory kit that allows for further customization and mobility when using the mat. This kit includes a carrying case, a waterproof cover for outdoor use, and a foil heat blanket that allows the mat to convert easily into an in-home sauna equivalent, amplifying the potential benefits of the mat’s infrared and heat capabilities.

Each therapy method built into these products is designed to mimic a different aspect of what one might experience in nature. This can be ideal for those who do not have easy access to green outdoor spaces, which studies have shown can reduce stress and anxiety after only a short period.

HealthyLine has developed these techniques using scientifically-backed methods. In the design of their products, they leverage natural forces to help ease everyday bodily pain and fatigue, as well as providing their customers with possible relief for mental discomfort.

The InfraMat Pro is available at 3 different price points, with each featuring varying capabilities.

For more, go to https://healthyline.com/

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