It’s Alt season. Did you get your low caps yet? – Mozart Finance

SALZBURG, AUSTRIA – Mozart Finance, ‘classiest DEFI project on BSC’, just launched its yield farming and  with a community of 10000 ‘Symphonists’ aims to become the next big DEFI project in BSC space. Although the project is all about farming at this moment, their team plans to implement some innovative features including musical NFTs really soon.

About Mozart Finance

So, what precisely is Mozart Finance? They present themselves as a Generational Blockchain Defi Project aimed at bеttеr existing оnеѕ wіth іtѕ initiatives. Thе project developers are vеrу resilient іn making a platform whісh incorporates аll major applications оf DeFi lіkе yield farming, lotteries, and NFTs.

Mozart Finance has a BEP-20 native token called MELODY. Mozart Finance users have a say in new developments in the ecosystem. Even better, all MELODY holders will have governance rights on the platform. Important note : MELODY presale was sold out in 9 minutes – 950 BNB hard cap !

Community checks and audit

Mozart Finance teams states it has been their highest priority to ensure longevity and security of the project. Both token and masterchef contracts have been checked by their community before deployment.

Also, an official audit is scheduled by Hacken (auditor chosen by the community). 

Huge mainstream potential      

Taking into account that Mozart Finance apart from DEFI features plans to have musical NFTs (one of the first on BSC), it’s not unusual it got this amount of traction in a short period of time.

Also, they’ve announced a partnership with The Influencer Marketing Factory as their lead influencer marketing partner. The Influencer Marketing Factory LLC has a proven record (some of their clients are Amazon, Google, Warner music group, SnapChat, Sony, Bud light) which brings to conclusion that Mozart Finance has also a huge mainstream potential.

Musical NFTs and NFTs Marketplace

The biggest hype around Mozart Finance grew because of its future plans with some pretty unique new features in the near future. The team has announced lottery, decentralized betting and IFO alongside some other functionalities, but most of the community excitement grew around the musical NFTs tease. Their plan is to use of  Chainlink VRF to provide provable randomness (for unique IDs and data) for the NFTs.




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