Islamorada, Florida Keys Digital Nomad Guide | Beach & Attraction Report Release

According to Crucial Constructs’ new report, Islamorada is one of the most visited destinations in Florida due to its warm water and sandy beaches. Islamorada consists of a few small islands that offer visitors many opportunities for a night out in the town or a relaxing day at the beach.

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The latest report discusses the most popular places to visit in Islamorada, such as Founders Park. Named by the report as Florida’s most preferred oceanfront park by locals, Founders Park spans over 45 acres. Crucial Constructs recommends Founders Park as a good place for families to visit, as there are Olympic-sized swimming pools here in addition to the ample space and recreational activities. As one traveler noted: “Founders Park is an excellent spot for getting a workout in, going to a beach, and stopping at the tourist/visitor center. I went there on several mornings to work out while everyone was still sleeping.”

For more adult-oriented fun, the report presents Vacation Isle Beach as an interesting place to visit. The report refers to the island as a hotspot for large groups of friends, as the beach is lined with bars and food stands, along with conveniently located parking.

There are also more peaceful options provided within Crucial Constructs’ report. Collection Beach Park, for example, is full of mangroves that offer protection from the sun on excessively hot days. The report does advise travelers to exercise caution when visiting Collection Beach Park, however, due to the alligators that are known to wander the area.

The report recommends digital nomads visit Collection Beach Park between March and May, as the temperatures are most comfortable during this time and the summer crowd has yet to make its way to the location.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Preparing yourself for a getaway to the Florida Keys? Hanging out and absorbing the sunlight on the most effective coastlines in Islamorada, Florida, is a must. You can bring your fuzzy close friend along also; Islamorada is both dog-friendly as well as family-friendly.”

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