Is Maeylik The Future Of Surrey?

The King Of The City

Surrey, British Columbia Dec 30, 2022 ( – Maeylik is an Actor, Rapper, and Singer.

On January 1st of 2020, he began his journey by publishing Music Videos, Motivational Videos, and Comedy Videos.

Although Maeylik’s history is unknown, He has no love for anybody. Maeylik has stated “I don’t like anyone, I don’t love anyone, I walk alone. When I needed people the most, they abandoned me. They called me a mistake, they called me a flaw. However, I picked myself up, wiped my tears, and healed my pain. Now, I’m here to prove everyone wrong, I’m here to become something they said I couldn’t become.”

Maeylik also goes by “The Villainous Prince”, stating, “The Villain never loses, The Villain never fails, and The Villain never falls. So, I will become The Villain.”

When asked about the future Maeylik stated “Nobody is going to buy me the house that I want, nobody is going to buy me the car that I want, nobody is going to build my empire for me. So, I’m here to put everything on the line, every single day, to make my dreams a reality, and one way or another, I will.”

When asked about the critiques, Maeylik stated “You people haven’t seen what I’ve seen, you people haven’t been through what I’ve been through, you people haven’t felt what I’ve felt. Nobody knows my pain, because if they did, they would all bow down in respect.

Maeylik has a Unique Origin, a Unique Mentality, and a Unique Meaning. Will he become the future King Of The City?

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