Is JPEGvault the world’s first NFT Hedge Fund?

JPEGvault is letting the community taking back control in the NFT space. The innovative startup promises a new community owned model in which capital raised by investors buying vault Tokens is reinvested in the NFT marketplace by a group of experts in the space. Ownership of these investments is then shared by all token holders. This means the increased combined buying power of the Vault allows the team to purchase the hottest and most lucrative NFT investments in much the same way hedge fund managers leverage their considerable capital and industry knowledge to make the most for their investors.  

“The power of this space is its community, so what happens when only the 1% can own and use the most established NFTs ? Where does this thing go ? That’s what we’re about, we want to be a vehicle for community members to come together and own all these NFTs we couldn’t on our own.” Sv2, JPEGvault Co-founder

Super Tax

JPEGvault also promises to let the community in on the decision making of where to put their money as each token is essentially a share and therefore a vote.  As the community grows the fees from each transaction will also reduce. To begin, the token ‘tax’ is set at 10% of the transaction fee and it’s this pool which will allow the developers to invest in top tier NFTs.

Art Heist

JPEGvault looks like a promising launchpad for the NFT curious who are interested in the future of digital assets, but don’t have the funds to invest in big ticket NFT projects like Merge. During digital artist PAKs MERGE sale 28,984 buyers shelled out a collective $92million eclipsing the $69million record set by Beeple earlier in the year.

Ground floor, doors opening…

Time will tell if JPEGvault becomes the gold standard in NFT investing, but for now at least it’s offering a ground floor entry point for anyone looking to test the waters. You can find out more about the project here.

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