IPC Class 3 Aviation/Aerospace PCB Manufacturing | Standards Guide Launched

The company’s latest piece also explains how its PCB fabrication process meets or exceeds those standards. This provides aircraft and aviation component manufacturers with a reliable source of components.

More details can be found at: https://www.pcbnet.com/blog/pcb-for-aviation-3-rules-for-aerospace-printed-circuit-boards

Global supply chains have been heavily impacted in the past 2 years, and the electronics industry has been harder hit than most. As Imagineering’s new guide explains, the company offers rapid prototyping and production of aerospace-grade PCBs, providing a much-needed capability in the current climate.

In the first instance, readers of the new guide are advised that facilities producing PCBs for aviation must hold an AS9100D certification, as well as meet IPC Class 3 standards. Imagineering’s manufacturing processes have been certified in line with these standards, including quality management systems, management processes, resource management, product realization, and continual improvement.

As the guide also explains, the IPC Class 3 requirements are of particular importance, as they relate to life-threatening scenarios such as aviation and military applications. Part of the standard requires that no imperfections or visual flaws are permitted. Again, all PCBs produced by Imagineering comply with this standard.

Some other requirements detailed include thermal management, as well as specific aerospace requirements for flex and rigid-flex PCBs. Imagineering not only details how its manufacturing processes meet and exceed those requirements, but also states that it is capable of same-day prototyping and 7-day production turnarounds.

About Imagineering Inc.

With both domestic and offshore manufacturing capacity, Imagineering can produce a broad range of high-quality PCBs, including rigid, flex, double-sided, and multilayered. State-of-the-art facilities and processes mean that all PCBs meet Class 3 standards, making them suitable for use in aviation, military, and medical applications.

A company representative recently stated: “Since 1986, our focus on delivering the quality hasn’t changed. Our top priority has always been to understand what the customer values, evaluate their needs, and deliver the best-in-class service and products. It’s an old-fashioned philosophy in a high-tech environment.”

Interested parties can learn more by visiting: https://www.pcbnet.com/blog/pcb-for-aviation-3-rules-for-aerospace-printed-circuit-boards

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