Investment Firm Finds Perfect Mix With Beverage Company

Investment Firm Finds Perfect Mix With Beverage Company

Marina Del Rey, CA, United States — Some combinations are so good they are iconic.

When it comes to cocktails on the go, it is a perfect balance of function, style and taste that creates a signature Ready-to-Serve beverage. With that end in mind, Perfect Pour Inc. developed their one-of-a-kind adult beverages using proprietary dual-chamber packaging technology. The technology ensures that spirit and mixer remain separate until the contents of the bottle are poured over ice into a glass. This separation prevents chemical reactions from occurring which degrade taste. The result is a Ready-to-Serve cocktail that competes in quality and taste with an on-premise handmade cocktail.

When the company looked to expand its operations and sales it sought a partner that understood the particular requirements within the consumer packaged goods and alcoholic beverage industries. At that point Perfect Pour turned to the investment firm GreenRoom Ventures, LLC. The firm provides hands-on support for young companies looking to find more than just an investment, but instead a proven guide to expansion.

“We are excited to announce this partnership with Perfect Pour,” said GreenRoom Ventures managing partner Keith McNamara. “In the expanding multi-billion dollar market for Ready-to-Serve and Ready-to-Drink cocktails, we see a unique opportunity to help Perfect Pour become a major disruptor in the alcohol beverage space.

With their convenient beverages that rival the taste and quality of on-premise cocktails, we are proud to provide the operational support needed to allow them to focus on expansion.” With the partnership, McNamara announced the opening of Perfect Pour’s Series A Round as well as GreenRoom Venture’s plan to lead the round.

Perfect Pour’s ability to deliver fresh cocktails relies on the design of its dual-chambered bottles. The company has been issued multiple patents, providing Intellectual Property exclusivity in this segment of the fast-growing Ready-to-Serve / Ready-to-Drink marketplace. While the premium ingredients used for the Margarita and the Whisky Sour are behind the drinks’ distinctive flavor, the significant difference is the quality and taste that the dual-chamber bottle enables.

“We believe that our patented dual-chamber technology is the most significant innovation in the alcohol space since the invention of the aluminum can”, said Scott Gold, CEO of Perfect Pour. “The Perfect Pour team is actualizing fantastic opportunities for our products in the music, sports, and hospitality events space, but also in an Online direct-to-consumer approach driven by user generated content on social media. Within our direct-to-consumer approach we see additional opportunity to disrupt.

Due to the regulatory constraints of the 3-tier distribution system within the alcohol industry, our unique offering in the Ready-to-Serve space will enable spirits manufacturers to partner with Perfect Pour to fast-track introduction of new cocktails into the market. As with most industries and businesses, the companies that are closest to the end customer generally win. Our packaging enables spirits producers to have a front-row seat with the consumer. We could not be more excited to realize these plans with our new partner, GreenRoom Ventures.”

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