Hello and allow me to introduce you to RooCoin, a brand new project that is only 11 days old and is aiming to become the cryptocurrency version of GoFundMe.

RooCoin Is a ‘charity-oriented’ token that’s helping to support community causes across the world. It will change the direction of crypto philanthropy; it will become more transparent and ‘ethical’. We are also building some amazing products that we believe are missing in the market, which will not only give the project real utility but provide it with the longevity required, not only for raising charity funds but also to be a strong contender in the market.

During our first few days of inception, we have already raised $25,000 for charitable causes and these payments have now been sent. This is already having a profound effect on people’s lives and the impact will grow along with our project. Details of these donations and future efforts can be found on our website.


Initially, all token transactions will incur a 1% transaction fee which is automatically sent to a safe charity wallet. Once our platforms are live, the 1% transaction fee on trading RooCoin is switched off forever! Charity funds will then continue to be generated by taxing the transaction fees from our broad product range.

Our product range:

– Decentralised Exchange

– NFT Marketplace

– Wallet Application

– Social Networking Platform

We are already building a strong community of holders, they themselves submit the local causes in their own areas and once vetted the community votes on where the funds are sent. This decentralised and direct to recipients approach aims to fix the current bureaucracy that surrounds charities.

Our long term aim is to inspire people to embrace change, realise their potential and to proactively take charge of supporting each other.

“RooCoin will continue to invest in resources that will allow for greater exposure to crypto users”, said Ashley Ward, CEO of RooCoin.

“Platinum Crypto Academy has done a superb job educating the retail sector about the crypto-financial freedom. This partnership aligns with our values and hopes to aid in the overall understand and exposure of Roobet from a more advanced user base.

The CEO of the largest “Crypto Trading Academy ” and Chief Editor of “Cryptonaire Weekly” Karnav Shah expressed his excitement to partner with a company like RooCoin which is the future of community charity.

After working with numerous crowdfunding projects over several years he says what amazing potential there is with RooCoin.

The ‘charity-oriented’ token that’s helping to support community causes across the world. It will change the direction of funding which needs to be more transparent and ‘ethical’.

Platinum Crypto Academy looks forward to working with RooCoin to assist with gaining maximum exposure to the crypto community.

“look forward to the upcoming edition’s of Cryptoniare weekly to find out more about Roocoin”

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