Introducing Survival Fitness Plan Wing Chun

The fitness trade went virtually entirely online, and a surge of latest participants took notice. Fitness brands like Peloton partnered with celebrities like Beyonce to make buzz and attract a lot of users. Fitness instructors live-streamed their categories on zoom with unlimited capacities. Shoppers or trainees worked with their trainers via fitness apps all from the comforts of their living rooms and tiny areas around the house. With heightened health issues, a lot of folks dialed into their physical and psychological state. Even during the pandemic, the challenges some areas faced lessen. Gyms at home, YouTube videos on health and welfare, and other programs offering training online skyrocketed. Fitness became a lot accessible and cheap.

The fitness trade has returned a protracted means since the first boom of the 80s. The innovations in fitness technology and continued advancements are nothing but amazing and helpful.

In line with this, Survival Fitness Plan introduces a new martial arts training called Wing Chun. It is a technique for stopping attacks which you can take classes or do self-training from the website. Wing Chun uses the principles of human mechanics and lever structure to attack the weak spot of the opponent. The goal is to defeat the opponent as quickly as the fighter can.

Introduction to Wing Chun

In the world of Chinese martial arts, it is aforesaid that “Shaolin is within the north and Wing Chun within the south.”

Wing Chun is an ancient southern Chinese martial art style from three centuries ago and a variety of self-defense that needs powerful and strong legs and fast arm movements to defeat opponents. It is solely the martial art that a woman created in the late Ming and early Qing dynasties.

Legend has it that a short punch of Wing Chun could beat the enemy right away, and it wins when it comes to speed because it is a combination of quick moves like torso, elbows, fingers, and punches. Bringing all the strength together in these movements centers the power. Hence, Wing Chun can beat a strong enemy.

Wing Chun Philosophy

A Wing Chun master once said that Wing Chun relies on developing the inner capabilities of a fighter. That is because Wing Chun is an art that protects one’s spirit. One can dominate his opponent instead of destroying him. He additionally said that while watching one of his trainees practice a newly learned skill.

The National Intangible Cultural Heritage added Wing Chun in the fourth batch of 2014. As a wealth of the Chinese culture, the present and future generations deserve to continue practicing Wing Chun.

Survival Fitness Plan reported that Wing Chun protects the centerline and moral principles of a person. The reason why they added this martial art to their lessons. The vital body parts like the throat, nose, eyes, abdomen, and even genitals are all on the centerline. Hence, they call it “Protecting the centerline.”

Today, many people learned the wing chun techniques by watching IP Man movies or movies of the superstar of the martial arts, Bruce Lee.