Introducing Dollar INU the new and Sophisticated USD distribution system

New York, NY, USA — Dollar INU has one simple goal in mind – To empower its community using the technology of crypto and Defi to generate passive income for the holders. They have a sophisticated USD distribution system. Where holders receive a passive income just by being holders of the token. Rookies of finance and business or professionals with years of experience doesn’t change the fact that it takes extreme patience, perseverance and dedication, to research, create by investing their hard work and time to achieve a passive income stream. They are changing that in dollor inu. With their  new cutting edge system that makes passive income easy. The larger growth of the project the more income you shall receive.


A 2% total liquidity is injected into the liquidity pool delivering price action stability in addition to raising the floor price. This aids to reduce the volatility and further generate organic growth for the project.


2% of all transactions will be distributed exclusively into each holder’s bank accounts, passively earning the mighty dollar. (All passive income will be in stable coins – USDC)


Wealth can mean freedom and security, but managing it requires time and effort. That’s why they have developed an innovative automatized stable coin reward system. Giving the holders peace of mind and clean passive income. No fuss and no complicated steps, they just have a straight forward ease of use approach UI. Holders receive regular checks paid out in dollars by just Holding the native token of $ INU. The stable coin of USDC is derived from the tokens volume which is then collected & distributed among holders. Claimable during each distribution of the contract.

$INU Secret Chat

A 256 SSL end-to-end decentralized Blockchain chat system designed only for our $INU kingpins to initiate and discuss plans.

$INU Incubator

A space for new ideas and initiatives that wish to become a part of our community, in exchange for which our members vote on whether to assist them with the plans and money from the investor.

NFT staking for the future

Stake your  NFT for your future generations and they staking rewards in terms of annual percentage yield, similar to cryptocurrencies which can be staked.

These NFT have reward rates that increase depending on how long you lock your NFT in. This encourages NFT holders to stake their assets for as long as possible.

Instead of an APY, their platforms may simply show us an expected return in terms of tokens. So we may see an offer of 20 tokens per day that’ll be earned during the staking period.

Media Contact:

Person Name: Anant Parker