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Introducing Dashboard by Market Makers Method- the AI-powered trading platform

The team of Market Makers Method is excited to announce their new project, Dashboard. The platform has been created with the hope that it’ll provide an opportunity for those looking to get started in trading – whether they’re experienced or not! Powered by artificial intelligence and their unique proprietary method of identifying trends before they happen, Dashboard will help traders avoid common pitfalls that come with trading on a live market.

Dashboard is a new revolutionary app that provides you with all the tools necessary to trade successfully. With Dashboard, it’s never been easier to find and take advantage of profitable market trends. Whether it’s Forex trading or Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Dashboard has your back! You can customize everything from Watchlist size (choose up to 10 instruments) right down to how often prices are updated every second while choosing between easy-to-understand labels for each trend type: Peak Formation High (PFH) vs. Peak Formation Low (PFL). The University section makes learning about trading as effortless as possible with comprehensive training and tutorial videos.

Dashboard is a response to the many requests from students who wanted to get the Market Makers Method’s trading strategy automated. It was designed with all traders in mind, meaning that it has scalability for beginners and advanced users alike. Any user can modify the platform’s algorithm to have full control over what the system does on their behalf.

Dashboard has enabled over 60,000 users to achieve their trading goals, and that number continues to grow as the company makes improvements. Dashboard now boasts tens of thousands more pairs available for following on its platform, which is an exciting development!

Market Makers Method, the developers of Dashboard, strive to give their best to make the platform available for all to use without any hiccups. Keeping the goal of making trading accessible and easy to learn in mind, they have many features planned waiting to be introduced. Along with that, they are also set to launch their own broker app in early September 2021, called Tradiso. With their relentless maneuvers to help traders worldwide, Market Makers Method is certainly doing an amazing job.

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