Introducing BEP40: The Future of BSC-Based Crypto

VILNIUS, LITHUANIA/ Over the past few years, cryptocurrencies have taken the world by storm, regularly entering mainstream financial discussions. But even with all the recent buzz, there’s still a lot of confusion surrounding them. And many people wonder why anyone would choose to use crypto platforms over traditional financial institutions and banks.

For those who’ve spent time in the crypto space, the reasons are clear.

Cryptocurrencies offer a host of benefits, including the fact that there’s no centralized bank or government controlling them. In addition, they offer incredibly cheap and fast transactions. And their deflationary nature makes them a great hedge against inflation.

Plus, anyone with internet access can buy, sell, and spend them. This makes them particularly advantageous for those living in areas without reliable, secure banking access.

But cryptocurrencies aren’t perfect. One of the biggest complaints about the crypto industry to date is its environmental impact. Traditional crypto mining requires a massive amount of power. In fact, a recent study reported that mining a single Bitcoin consumes the equivalent of six weeks’ worth of a typical American home’s electricity use.

More than a few analysts believe this simply isn’t sustainable. So, the future of crypto depends on developing platforms that offer the benefits of the blockchain without the drawbacks.

With BEP40, that’s exactly what users will get.

What is BEP40?

Launched in late 2021 by the European company MB Forosa, BEP40 Coin quickly became the fastest growing cryptocurrency of its kind. It’s designed with one mission in mind: to bring crypto to the average person. To do that, the team behind BEP40 Coin built their project around a handful of foundational values.

BEP40 is built to take full advantage of the decentralized nature of blockchain technology. Unlike fiat currencies which are controlled by a centralized institution, BEP40 Coin will be community owned and driven. BEP40’s team has prioritized the cultivation of a kind, generous community. They’ve been able to make strides in this by offering members dedicated Telegram channels that bring them together for collaboration and conversation.

Along with valuing the communal nature of decentralized platforms, BEP40 has been designed to be more environmentally friendly than many competitor coins. Built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), BEP30 doesn’t have the environmental drawbacks of Bitcoin since it uses a proof of stake blockchain method rather than proof of work. BEP40’s BSC foundation also offers a number of other benefits, including its fast transaction speeds, Ethereum compatibility, native cross-chain communication capabilities, and the ability to work with the most popular crypto wallets.

Finally, BEP40 also offers users incentives to hold on to their tokens, making it a hyper deflationary token. One of the biggest problems with traditional currencies is their tendency toward inflation. BEP40 will give people around the world a way to overcome this slow drain on their finances by offering a currency they can hold that won’t lose its value.

But token holders won’t just see their coins hold (or increase) their value. They’ll also be able to stake their coins for rewards. Every transaction on the BEP40 network will require a 5% fee that will be proportionally distributed to all token holders. So, investors will be able to watch their funds grow alongside the BEP40 platform.

BEP40’s core values have positioned it as a market leader both today and as it faces the future.

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