Intermediate Day Trader Membership Chatroom: Trading Education Community Updated

The company’s latest launch expands its coaching services for traders of all abilities, connecting its members with highly-experienced and successful stock market experts through its mentorship program. The platform enables subscribers to learn from seasoned professionals who have unlocked the techniques to deliver consistent returns in the day trading market.

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The announcement outlines MIC’s range of educational services. These include a series of weekly webinars, daily trading blueprints for guidance before the market opens, and an opportunity to meet and share experiences with a global community of like-minded individuals.

While paper trading is common practice among traders wishing to try out various techniques without risking real-world assets. The downside of this training method is the lack of interactivity between broader market conditions and individual securities. This means that traders cannot be certain if they have the market or their own positioning to thank for any potential successes. Live trading eliminates this issue by dealing only in real assets, giving fledgling traders the opportunity to earn while they learn.

MIC’s platform helps subscribers make their first forays into the world of live rapid position trading. Every aspect of day trading is covered. Webinars are all recorded and stored in the site’s video encyclopedia with all content accessible to members at any time.

Users can also have their trades reviewed and discussed so they can learn from their mistakes and adapt their practice accordingly. In addition, club members can access tutorials on everything from technical and fundamental analysis to reading SEC filings.

About ‘My Investing Club’

The company was formed by three friends and fellow traders Alex Temiz, Tosh Bradley, Bao Nguyen. Their goal was to create a new kind of trading education platform that would help new generations of traders reach financial self-sufficiency and independence. Between them, the founders have overseen millions of dollars worth of trades.

A spokesperson says, “When we first started, we wished there was someone to help us. MIC was created to arm traders of all levels with all the necessary tools to achieve success.”

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