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Influential Art Brand “Criss Bellini” Blends Traditional and Digital Art to Make it Exclusive and Affordable

“Art is unquestionably one of the purest and highest elements in human happiness. It trains the mind through the eye, and the eye through the mind.” – John Lubbock

Modern art has evolved through a sea of changes in the last few decades. Thanks to the rising popularity of digital media, art is no longer constrained to the canvas. It has stepped into the digital realm, where people can create art without any materials, or buy it as exclusive pieces and cherish it as an asset. Criss Bellini, a popular art brand, is one among this fresh breed of art brands taking the artwork to a whole new level.

We were blessed to hold an interview with the anonymous artist who created Criss Bellini. He pursued his passion for art and started creating art to improve his financial condition. Coming from a poverty-stricken background where his family fled war to Sweden, they were left with no other option but to depend on government aid for survival. Acute financial struggle prompted Bellini to sell drugs until he realized his calling for art. Today Criss Bellini is one of the most sought-after art brands in Sweden. During its first year of business, Criss Bellini earned 1 million euros, which jumped to more than 1 million euros within the first seven months of 2021.

The artist behind Criss Bellini created this brand to stay anonymous to his fans and wanted to only be recognized for his creativity. The artist started with the idea of making exclusive art affordable to people across the world. When he started Criss Bellini, the artist noticed the sad state of affairs where cheap, mass-produced art was sold for high prices. The anonymous artist knew he could do better than that, and set out to accomplish this goal.

Art that’s created by Criss Bellini blends inspirational quotes, fashion, hip-hop, symbolism, and old artwork to create something one-of-a-kind. Most of the art is motivational, whether it’s obvious or hidden within the deeper imagery. For that reason, the art can be enjoyed by both everyday viewers and those who are interested in diving into art.

Criss Bellini creates masterpieces by blending traditional and digital art. He makes every artwork in 250 pieces and never restocks them once they sell out. This helps him to balance both worlds. He is now creating limited edition artworks that are within reach of middle-class art connoisseurs. Criss Bellini recently ventured into NFT art. The buyer of every exclusive piece of NFT art will also receive the original artwork on canvas along with a certificate. This way, the artist is immortalizing his art in a way that will outlive him.

Criss Bellini dreams of seeing his wall art in every living room and office. The website ships all over the world, so it’s certainly a possibility. The artist pours his heart onto the canvas and connects with the thoughts and emotions of art lovers across the world. This distinct appeal of his creativity earned him the opportunity to work with top influencers and rappers in the EU. 

Criss Bellini just finished working with “HALEBOP,” a renowned Swedish phone company. The company is creating an exclusive masterpiece for them that will be replicated on 20 canvases to be unveiled by the end of this year. Going forward, Criss Bellini wants to continue in a similar way, making art affordable and accessible to people across Europe, the US, and the rest of the world.