Influencer Networking For Startup Founders: 2023 Marketing Strategies Revealed

“Winning Strategies for Influencers” tackles the strategic importance of influencer marketing and the types of influencers startup founders will encounter. More importantly, the new video provides a six-step process designed to nurture ties with influencers who are relevant to a venture’s target audience.

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Tessa Ashford, director of marketing and host of the webinar, notes that endorsement by an influencer lends credibility to startups, which can be helpful if they offer novel products or services. However, most entrepreneurs are only familiar with traditional marketing tactics and have no experience connecting with influencers.

Ashford says: “This skills gap is the reason we created this training video. With the tactics we discuss, startup founders can launch successful influencer campaigns without retaining PR or advertising agencies — a hefty cost for any bootstrapped venture. Influencer marketing is something that all forward-thinking entrepreneurs should have in their toolkit.”


Influencer marketing is essentially word-of-mouth amplified through online platforms. The goodwill it engenders is supported by numbers: 37% of consumers trust influences more than brands. Leveraging this trust also translated to business results, with companies earning $5.20 for every dollar spent on influencer marketing.

Ashford notes, however, that influencer marketing can only be successful when done correctly.

As such, she highlights the importance of doing research before connecting with influencers. In a similar vein, entrepreneurs are also advised to determine what objective an influencer can help them achieve (such as increased brand awareness or higher sales). She added that startups should pay close attention to the size of their reach because the bigger the following, the higher the rate influencers will charge.


Beyond giving trusted business advice, IdeaPros provides startup founders with the tools they need to challenge their industry’s status quo. Its broad-ranging expertise includes marketing, strategy, product development, manufacturing, and operations. The consultancy is headed by Fred Cary, a successful entrepreneur who has created ventures that generate billions of dollars in revenue.

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