Infinite Banking Concept & Whole Life Insurance Online Training Program Launched

The new training program aims to educate participants on the infinite banking concept and help more individuals start using it as an alternative way of retiring comfortably and creating generational wealth. Introduced by R. Nelson Nash, the concept empowers retirees to look beyond pension and 401(k)s as the only viable tools to save for their golden ages.

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The recent launch of “I Own My Bank’s” latest training program coincides with a CNBC article revealing the drawbacks of pension plans and retirement programs like the 401(k). According to the report, millions of individuals are seeking more stable and affordable retirement options that do not significantly impact their buying power now. The report talks about how pensions and 401(k)s have become unsecured and expensive to some because of increasing management fees inflation and loss of opportunities to use the funds early.

“I Own My Bank’s” training program highlights the advantages of whole life insurance policies that come with a cash value component with mutual companies that pay dividends. This plan entails minimal fees, with the holder’s funds growing tax-free during their lifetime, delivering a death benefit to beneficiaries, more importantly the ability to use fund while alive.

This type of whole life insurance has been designed using a completely different concept from standard life insurance policies where individuals save up without actually getting any living benefit unless they pass away. “I Own My Bank” explains that with Whole Life Insurance, clients get lifetime coverage and use of the cash value as long as they continue paying the monthly premiums, which do not change even with inflation.

Individuals who take part in the online training will also learn how they can incorporate their whole life insurance policy into their infinite banking strategy. This approach empowers them to trim their dependence on traditional banks and become their own banker to amplify their liquid assets.

“This has been one of the most eye-opening money management programs I have ever seen. I feel so blessed to have received the opportunity to participate. It’s truly one of those best kept secrets in the finance world,” a participant in the training said.

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