Industry-Specific Personalized Datasets For B2B Market Research, Sales Announced

LeadGenius is looking to disrupt the market research industry with a service that enables B2B-focused organizations to access highly personalized datasets. According to the company, these datasets offer an alternative to widely available static “pre-built” datasets that are designed for mass consumption and incapable of providing up-to-date insights.

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Earlier in 2023, Google Cloud published the results of a study it made with Harvard Business Review, which found that companies that invested in high-quality, precision data are more likely to weather events like the pandemic. The survey found that “data leaders” outperformed their peers in a variety of metrics, including revenue, operational efficiency, and customer retention, among others.

LeadGenius specializes in creating “hard-to-source” datasets for mid-market and enterprise-level companies and marketing agencies. Unlike datasets from other providers, LeadGenius’ datasets result from vertical parameters provided by the client, meaning that no dataset from two organizations will be identical.

“When your competitors have access to the same marketing database as you do, it ceases to be a source of a competitive advantage,” the company stated. “At LeadGenius, we differentiate ourselves from any perceived competition in the market by only allowing you (or your organization) to have access to your unique datasets generated based on your custom parameters.”

In addition, LeadGenius can supply geo-specific datasets to businesses undergoing expansion that require customer or industry insights for regions such as Latin America; Europe, Middle East, and Africa; Asia-Pacific; North, Central, and South America; and Australia and New Zealand.

Furthermore, datasets generated by LeadGenius are dynamic and updated in real time. This means that clients can expect to receive alerts whenever targeted customers or competitors perform certain actions.

For example, LeadGenius can track existing contacts and alert clients if they have touched base with a competitor. This insight gives organizations a way to formulate measures that can prevent existing customers, specifically major accounts, from taking their business elsewhere.

To date, LeadGenius has served a number of major brands in diverse segments, such as PayPal, Salesforce, SAP, eBay, Snowflake, and more.

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