Indexed Universal Life Leads For Agents: Federal Employee IMO Training Launched

The recently updated IUL marketing solution from Bedrock Financial Services includes lead generation, branding, email marketing, and financial training that is specifically focused on federal and postal employees.

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With the latest announcement, the IMO company gives insurance agents access to their extensive marketing resources, which include residential addresses, online federal retirement training software, and educational webinars.

Two of the largest employers in the world, the US federal government and the US postal service also have some of the oldest workers in the country. This key combination makes them an ideal source of opportunity for life insurance leads. However, in order to maximize this potential, IUL agents need to understand the unique factors that these employees are facing, such as how the increasing expense of Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance (FEGLI) is causing federal employees to look for other life insurance options.

To make it easier for IUL agents to connect to these qualified leads, Bedrock Financial Services developed its federal employee training service.

The on-demand platform offers customized training that is sent to federal or postal employees and informs them of their retirement options based on their specific circumstances and needs. Once qualified, the platform then connects federal employees to Bedrock Financial Services’ partnered local retirement experts for one-to-one consultations.

In addition to its federal training platform, the IMO firm also provides a range of lead generation, marketing and branding services that can increase the online visibility and authority of IUL agents and their brands. The company’s consultants initially research and analyze a client’s existing IUL market to better understand their ideal prospects and target audience.

Following the consultation, they can then develop marketing plans that are customized toward generating relevant and qualified leads through mailers, email marketing, and brand visibility. Further details regarding the company’s Indexed Universal Life lead generation services can be found here IUL Leads

A spokesperson for Bedrock Financial Services said, “We provide an effective blend of traditional marketing tactics alongside exclusive new-media marketing strategies that can help you take your business to the next level.”

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