Indestructible Private Key Backup, Hackproof Crypto Recovery Seed Storage Launch

As part of The Crypto Merchant’s latest range of crypto products, the XSEED Pro offers an extra level of security for investors wanting to store a hard copy of a recovery phrase for their cryptocurrency accounts.

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The addition of the robust recovery wallets sees the online retailer continuing to expand its range of products designed specifically for crypto investors, which include hardware wallets, cases, accessories, and apparel.

Recovery phrases are the only backup investors have regarding their crypto accounts, providing access in the event of being locked out or hacked. As such, securely storing the 12-word recovery phrase safely offline is crucial for investors. The Crypto Merchant understands this importance and offers XSEED Pro as a secure means for creating a physical backup.

Each XSEED Pro comes with a stainless steel seed storage case, with laser-engraved tiles and tamper-proof stickers. Users can insert the first four letters of each word in their recovery phrase into the case, before locking and sealing it with a screw and lever fastening system.

By only using the first four letters, the case offers a further level of protection should the case be found and forced open. However, the case comes with an aluminum seed backup sheet and engraver pen for investors who would rather store their complete 12-word recovery phrase in the case.

The XSEED Pro is made with fireproof, waterproof, and corrosion-resistant stainless steel to ensure its resilience and durability. Additionally, the steel is 6mm thick, preventing bending and warping under pressure.

Having been founded in 2017, The Crypto Merchant has been supplying crypto investors, miners, and coders with innovative and verified products. Additionally, as an authorized retailer, the company sources authentic and new products that are then shipped directly from their secure warehouse facility.

The retailer offers free 2-4 day shipping throughout the United States, with a 30-day returns service for all orders. Furthermore, the company’s USA-based support team is available to assist customers with their purchases should they have any queries.

A recent customer of The Crypto Merchant’s wallets said, “Exactly what I was looking for. The wallet is solidly built. I expect future archaeologists to discover this wallet 1,000 years from now and be baffled by what the chain of words means.”

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